Flag of Cheslovia

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For a list of Cheslovian flags, see List of Cheslovian flags.
National and State flag Flag of the 2nd Federation.png
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Governmental flag Chesloviangovernmentflag.png
Presidential flag PresidentialflagCheslovia.png

The flag of the Cheslovian Federation is a tricolour of three equal horizontal fields, white on the top, black in the middle and blue on the bottom. The flag was created in 2007 after the Kaznian Rebirth and it is a very important symbol in Cheslovia. On 5 July 2009, it was proclaimed "the flag of the Cheslovs" and now represents the Cheslovian collective ethnicity as well as the Cheslovian nation.


The Cheslovia flag is one of the most prized possessions of Cheslovia and its citizens. Although there are no official meanings to the colours, many Cheslovians like to think that white represents pride and freedom, black represents industry and patriotism and blue represents heritage, culture and history.


The flag was adopted by the Kaznian people during the days of the Kingdom of Kaznia, although the flag is more associated with the Principality of Kaznia due to its longer existence and bigger usage. The flag is actually the flag of Estonia turned upside down. The Estonian flag was chosen because Kaznian people base their culture on all Eastern European nations, not just Russia (although Russia is the main nation in which Cheslovian people take inspiration from).

Historical flags of Cheslovia