Flag of Caudonia

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Flag of Caudonia
See adjacent text.
Use Civil and state flag and ensign
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 5 July 2019
Design A horizontal tricolour of blue, white, and yellow, with a green silhouette of a deer in the centre.

The flag of Caudonia is the official flag of Caudonia. It was designed by Prince William I and was adopted as the official flag on 5 July 2019.

The flag of Caudonia holds symbolism for the people of the nation. The blue band represents the sky and the waters of Lake Erie, located to the north of the nation. The white band represents peace and harmony among the people of the nation. The yellow band represents the rich grain fields of the nation, and the loyalty of the people. The green colour of the deer represents growth and nature. The silhouette of the deer represents the national animal, the white-tailed deer.


Scheme Blue White Yellow Green
RGB 2-82-156 255-255-255 255-216-0 0-171-57
Hexadecimal #02529C #FFFFFF #FFD800 #00AB39

Rules of Use

Half Staff

The flag must be lowered to half staff when a state of national mourning has been declared, and on all national days of mourning as chosen beforehand. If the flag is not flying on a pole, or if it is impossible to lower the flag to half staff, a black ribbon is to be flown above the flag or on both sides if the flag is hung vertically.

The flag of Caudonia has only been lowered to half staff on one occasion: the state of national mourning following the death of Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicholas Randouler.

Proposed change

On 12 January 2020, William I and Ned Fram proposed to form a committee to review and propose designs for a new national flag. Many senior government officials were members of this committee. A referendum on selecting the best of the four flags chosen by the committee was planned to be held alongside the March 2020 election, however, the committee never came to a decision about alternative flags. It was disbanded after a few months.