First Secretary (Starland)

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First Secretary of the
Republic of Starland
Office Holder Chance Anders
In office November 19, 2010 – January 7, 2011

Previously, Secretary-General

Style His Honor
Formation Hazad Union and Joint Head of State Agreement.
Dissolution By Starland decree

The First Secretary of the Republic of Starland was the co-head of state in the Republic of Starland. The position was created originally as Secretary-General when Starland and Kozuc signed a co-head of state agreement.

When the Republic of Kozuc reformed into an empire, and later a Kingdom, the position of Secretary-General became First Secretary (the idea for the position was inspired by FRA1). Due to Kozuc's head of state being a King, Starland referred to him by the title "His Honor", the same title by which the President goes by, without giving him a royal title.

Starland's refusal to accept the First Secretary as King was due to Proclamation 090910, which abolished any and all monarchial symbolism in order to form a republic. He held no real power in respect to sovereignty and vice versa for the President of Starland as Kozuc's co-head of state.


The First Secretary was appointed in accordance to the Starland-Kozuc Joint Head of State Agreement. The position was hereditary (or appointed), meaning in the case that the King/First Secretary died or abdicated/resigned, there would have been a successor.


On January 7, 2011, Kozuc announced it was dissolving, thus, Starland opted to dissolve the joint head of state agreement. Chance Anders will no longer be recognized as co-head of state and First Secretary and President Jessica Godinez will no longer be recognized as President and co-head of state in Kozuc. Both titles of First Secretary of Starland and President of Kozuc have been dissolved.