First Presidental Elections of MFO

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Elections of 1 January 2016 for the Micronational Futsal Organization Presidency. Every member can vote in 1 January, until the end of it. Further votes will not be counted. Every member must vote for another member (is forbidden to vote for themselves).

Once that a member publishes its vote, is forbidden to change it. If a member should change it, the vote will not be counted as valid. Is possible, however, to correct it if the name of the Micronation voted needs a grammar fix. The election will close when every member will provide its vote. However, the election will close at the end of 1 January (at midnight exact), so every vote must be provided before this term. Every vote provided after the midnight of 1 January (then provided in 2 January), will not be counted.

Flag Micronation Votes %
CoriaFlag.png Kingdom of Coria 3 50.0%
Sexistan.jpg Great Kingdom of Sexistan 2 33.3%
Serbica.png Kingdom of Mixeria 1 16.7%
Flag Name This Micronations votes for
Astaronia.PNG Kingdom of Astaronia CoriaFlag.png Kingdom of Coria
CoriaFlag.png Kingdom of Coria Sexistan.jpg Great Kingdom of Sexistan
Mixeria.png Kingdom of Mixeria Serbica.png Kingdom of Serbica
Serbica.png Kingdom of Serbica Sexistan.jpg Great Kingdom of Sexistan
Sexistan.jpg Great Kingdom of Sexistan CoriaFlag.png Kingdom of Coria
Stefia.png Republic of Stefia CoriaFlag.png Kingdom of Coria


President King Nikola I of Coria

Deputy President Ramy Shaalan