First Presidental Elections of MFO

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Elections of 1 January 2016 for the Micronational Futsal Organization Presidency. Every member can vote in 1 January, until the end of it. Further votes will not be counted. Every member must vote for another member (is forbidden to vote for themselves).

Once that a member publishes its vote, is forbidden to change it. If a member should change it, the vote will not be counted as valid. Is possible, however, to correct it if the name of the Micronation voted needs a grammar fix. The election will close when every member will provide its vote. However, the election will close at the end of 1 January (at midnight exact), so every vote must be provided before this term. Every vote provided after the midnight of 1 January (then provided in 2 January), will not be counted.


President King Nikola I of Coria