First Lord of the Treasury

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First Lord of the Treasury

The Coat of Arms of Essexia
Earl Finn

since 16 July 2018 (2018-07-16)
Royal Bank of Essexia
Style The Right Honourable Lord
Member of Cabinet
Crown Court
Reports to First Minister of Essexia
Appointer The King of Essexia
Term length At His Majesty's pleasure
Formation July 2019

The First Lord of the Treasury (FLT) of Essexia is head of the Royal Bank of Essexia, and controls the finances of the Commonwealth. They are paid ¥640 per day, for an annual pay of roughly ¥233,600 (£46,620) (However it is worthy to note that ¥5 Essexian Yen only equals £1 British Pound).

The first and current FLT is Rt. Hon. Earl Finn, who is credited for designing the current banknotes for the Essexian Yen, and advising the King on many matters, not all financial. He is loyal, and very talented.