First Lewis Cabinet

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The First Lewis Cabinet was formed after the Lundenwic Elections 2014. The incumbent Prime Minister Lord Gen. Mike Lewis, Marquis of New Charter OGD OOL KSS KSPE won the election after a subsequent trial and named his new cabinet to the Imperial Grand Duke who revealed it through an Imperial Edict.[1]

The title of the Minister of the Interior and Grand Region was shortened to the Minister of the Interior and was surprisingly handed back to Roberto Bruno. Gen. Emma Spencer returned as Minister of Defence and Dave Clarke returned as Minister of Justice. The post of Minister of Research and Origami was abolished, but Hannah Crabtree remained in government after she was named the Minister of Faith and Communities. The Imperial Grand Duke replaced the Marquis as Lord Chancellor of the Treasury and the Marquis replaced the Imperial Grand Duke as Minister of the Foreign Office.[1]

It was called the First Lewis Cabinet because it was the first time a Prime Minister had been elected to hold that office.

Party key Free Fascist Party
Democratic Reform Party
Imperial Grand Duke (Politically Neutral)
First Lewis Cabinet[2][3]
Portfolio Minister Term
Prime Minister of Lundenwic
Minister of the Foreign Office
His Grace Gen. The Marquis of New Chater OGD OOL KSS KSPE 2013-
Lord Chancellor of the Treasury His Imperial Highness The Imperial Grand Duke GGD GOL KSS KSPE KSPA 2015-
Minister of the Interior The Rt Hon. Roberto Bruno MP 2013-
Minister of Defence The Rt Hon. Gen. Emma Spencer MP 2013-
Minister of Justice The Rt Hon. Dave Clarke MP 2013-
Minister for Faith and Communities The Rt Hon. Hannah Crabtree MP 2015-