First Cats of the Oasis Islands

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Cookie, Frankie, Mitt & Quinn
First Cats of the Oasis Islands
Official Portrait of Cookie and Frankie
First Cats
Assumed office:
17 June 2013
President Casey Hamlin
Vice President Titus Smith
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born June/July 2007
Political party No Party Affiliation
Religion No Religious Affiliation

The First Cats of the Oasis Islands are felines that live in the Oasis Islands Executive Residence and represent several Oasis industries and agencies. The current incumbents are four felines Cookie, Frankie, Mitt and Quinn. The animals are the official executive residence doorkeepers.


Although the cats hold no official duties, they are a part of government attempts to humanize the President and Government. Mainly they serve as welcomers to diplomats and guests to the President.

List of First Cats

  • Cookie (2012–present): Cookie was born in June 2007 and was adopted by the President from a humane society. According to records, she was found in a supermarket parking lot, and had a relatively short stay in the humane society.
  • Frankie (2012–present): Frankie was born in July 2007, and was adopted along with Cookie. According to records, he was found under a tree in a city close to the nation.
  • Mitt (2013–present): Originally named Mittens, the name was changed to Mitt as a shortening measure, although the President chose it also as a homage to Fmr. Governor of Massachusetts W. Mitt Romney.
  • Quinn (2013–present): Originally named Metro, the name was changed to Quinn. Quinn suffers from cerebral hypoplasia, which affects his ability to walk, hear and see as well as his overall coordination.