Firdanorian Civil War

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Firdanorian Civil War
DateJune 18, 20121 - June 29, 2012
Result Government Victory, Declaration of Martial Law. Banning of all Political Party's
Government Forces
Flagoffirdanor.png APWF
Socialist Loyalists
Noflag.png Socialist Party of Firdanor
Commanders and leaders
Military Generals
Flagoffirdanor.png John Gordon
Socialist Party Members
Noflag.png Adam Borrer
Unknown Unknown

Socialist Protests

The first sign of civil war was when Socialist Party members protested against a law that would restrict the Socialist Party's authority. The second day of protests was over a different subject (what action to take against the Dale Republic) and saw violence against government authorities.

Start of the War

The Government and Socialist Leaders held a meeting in an attempt to end the protests, The Government issued a proposition that would still limit the Socialist Party movements but not so much as in the bill. At this point the Socialist Party leader 'Adam Borrer' shook his head and walked out of the meeting, later that day the Socialist Party announced they had started the 1st Firdanorian Civil War. The Government of Firdanor were at first shocked at the announcement but then issued a statement saying Peace should and will be upheld by any means necessary. A new law that will ban and catagorise the socialist party as a terrorist organisation was drafted and is awaiting to be presented to the Senate.

Intermicronational Response

Pro-Government Supporters

Noflag.png United Provinces of America - 1. We can't seem to understand why the socialist party would start an entire civil war 2. The APWF has done nothing wrong from what I see 3. Wesupport the APWF completely

Socialist Party Supporters


Zealandian Alternate National Flag.png Kingdom of Zealandia - No Comment Made but gave signals they were Neutral