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The film industry in micronationalism refers to the filmmaking industry in micronationalism. Almost all films produced by a micronation are short films, and typically have a very low budget. Most micronational films are only available in the respected micronations or on YouTube or Vimeo.

Kaz has recently become the biggest film industry in the micronational world. Molossia and New Eiffel are also notable micronations when it comes to films.

Upcoming films

Data Disaster

Data Disaster is an animated film which follows the adventure of Captain Zamora transporting confidential data from one military base to another.

Gallop the film

Plot unknown. Being produced by C.O.B.-MNM and Blue Productions.

New Eiffel (documentary)

New Eiffel is an upcoming documentary film about the micronation New Eiffel. As of 21 May 2019, the film does not have an official release date. It is planned to be uploaded to YouTube.

The Republic of Me


Fish 'n Chips

Peter and Leonard Drawn to Danger

Peter and Leonard Drawn to Danger, is a live action/ animation movie, that will star Peter and Leonard, and Jerald the Giraffe the two stars of Kaz Studios

Popular films

Peter and Leonard film series

Peter and Leonard is a film series produced in Kaz following the story of two goofy detectives. Eight films have been produced, and two of them are currently available on YouTube.


Rank Micronation Films Year(s)
1 Kaz Flag.jpg Kaz 32 2018–present
2 New Eiffel 26 2013–present
3 Molossia 17 2007?-present
4 Fixed Malinovian Flag.png State of Malinovia 4 2018-present
5 FlagOfKeig.png Republic of Keig 1 2015
5 Hamlinian Republic 1 2012

List of films

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