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Republic of Fihanesia
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Indonesian:Walau Berbeda Bangsa Tetap Satu Saudara

Lagu harapan sutji
Bali and Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, and Japan
Capital cityKebon Belakang
Official language(s)Indonesian (Ophuysen script)
Official religion(s)Islam
GovernmentUnitary presidential republic
- PresidentOmar Laode
LegislaturePeople's Assembly
Area claimed2km²
Population30 (2013 census)
Time zoneUTC +7
National animalCat

Republic of Fihanesia (Indonesian: Republik Fihanesia), also known as Fiharaya, is a micronation located in Bali and Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. Fiharaya was founded in 2006 and since is led by Omar Laode. Fiharaya gained public attention in 2011, when it was forcibly suspended by Indonesian police because of suspected separatist activities, provoking condemnations from Los Bay Petros and A1. Little is known about Fiharaya because of its isolationist policy causing its government to publish nothing about the country to the micronational world.

Politically, Fihanesia is a unitary republic based on "the set system that is for pure good" and with central government based in central capital of Kebon Belakang. Fihanesia is led by Omar Laode as head of state and head of government ruling since the country's establishment.

Fihanesia is "relatively active" in intermicronational world, especially in Indonesian micronationalism. Fihanesia is not a member of Association of Indonesian Micronations and Micronational Association of Southeast Asia.

Fiharaya is known for its controversial and inconsistent stance on micronationalism. Since its establishment, Fiharaya rejected intermicronational community labeling the country as micronation, and rather preferring a more abstract label "imaginary country". Fiharaya is also known for its consistent jingoistic position on engaging diplomacy, frequently forcing other countries to follow his erroneous example of micronationalism, and rejecting membership inside intermicronational community unless Fiharaya is made its chairman.

According to the calculation using Boodlesmythe-Tallini classification, Fihanesia is categorized as 5th world, and according to the Linden's classification, Fihanesia scores a 4.0.


The name of Fihanesia originated from portmanteau of Fiharaya and Indonesia.

as a form of pride as a micronation of Indonesia the name Fihanesia was created

Foreign relations

Fiharayan relations with micronations, especially inside Indonesian sector were turbulent and never gained any beneficial relationship. Fiharayan only cordial relations were established in 2008 with the newly-formed Los Bay Petros at that time, with several skirmishes and conflicts led into the suspension of relations between both countries in 2010. A successful campaign to ostracise Fiharaya led by Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman was successful, which provoked other Indonesian micronations to not engage in relations with Fiharaya.

Despite being ostracised by the majority of Indonesian sector micronations, Fiharaya later established friendly relations with Ivan Hermawan micronations, ranging from Ivanesia in 2013 until Malindo in 2014. Fiharaya became the only micronation to take sides with Malindo during 2014 conflict against Indokistan and addition to having a friendly relationship with Ivan Hermawan micronation Malindo the Republic of Fihanesia or Fiharaya also have a friendly relationship with Molossia