Feneriye People's Federation

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Feneriye People's Federation
Feneriye Halk Federasyon (Turkish)

Fener Flag.png


Location of Ekümen
Capital None
Largest city Unknown

Official languages 3 languages

Demonym Fenerli

Government Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
 • President To be elected
 • Premier To be elected

Legislature People's Council

History 2011-2016
 • Hasanistan proclaimed 7th September 2011
 • MuhammedLand proclaimed 20th October 2013
 • Federation Never (proposed)

Area Unknown
 • Land Unknown
 • Water Unknown

Area Unknown

Population Unknown

Currency None

Time zone Unknown

The Feneriye People's Federation (Turkish: Feneriye Halk Federasyon) was a political concept that envisioned a union between Hasanistan and MuhammedLand[1], additional countries were also included in the proposal. The idea died out following the annexation of Hasanistan by Pavlov on the 11th August 2016.


The initial name of the proposed federation was "Feneriye". The name was heavily inspired by the Turkish sports club Fenerbahçe, which was one of the most popular sports teams in Hasanistan. Another proposed name was "Ekümen", which is the Turkish translation of the ancient ancient Greek "Ecumene" which referred to the the Old World.

Proposed constituent states

Flag Full Name Population Capital Head of state
Noflag.png Unknown capital territory None Various proposed* None
Hasanistan.png Hasani Federal Republic 9 BatyrFlag.png Batyr Hasan Çakar
MuhammedLand Bayragi.png MuhammedLand Republic 5 Hajustan Mohamet Ali
Danralia.png Danralia 1 Perth Danny the Great

*Various towns, cities and districts were proposed to act as a central capital such as Fenerbahçe and Antalya


The political concept was heavily inspired by Eurasianism, an ideology which supports co-operation between the countries of Eurasia. Whether the federation were to follow socialist or Islamist policies was never agreed upon.