Felipe I of Epasiera

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His Imperial Majesty
Felipe I
Emperor of Epasiera
Duke of Primeira Vista
Emperor of Feomia Coat of Arms.png
Reign29 October 2022  – present
PredecessorEpasiera Establishment
Born18 September 2008 (2008-09-18) (age 14)
São Paulo, Brazil
Full name
Felipe de Oliveira Felmer
HouseHouse of Felmer
ReligionRoman Catholic

Felipe de Oliveira is an Brazilian Micronationalist serving as Emperor of Epasiera since 11 October 2022, After the Proclamation of Epasiera by himself

Personal Life

Felipe was born in 18 September 2008 on the Same House that today is the claimed land of Epasiera.


Besides his being native Brazilian and haves Portuguese as first language, He also speaks English, Spanish and his learning Esperanto.


Felipe always been interested in History, Geography and Vexillology, So much that his memorized all the World Nation's names, flags and maps. He also Likes Biology specifically the Cell Study of Biology memorizing all the human cell organelles. In his free time, he likes listening to Lo-fi Music, he likes drinking Coffe with Milk and he also likes Drawing, having Manga style as main inspiration.

History in Micronationalism

He always been indignant about the crime and corruption in Brazil, also always dreamed in rule an country. so he started searching about creating countries until found articles about Micronationalism. It was when he became very interested about the topic and founded Silbervia in his house backyard. Proclaiming Himself as President of Silbervia in 19 September 2020, after some years, he proclaimed the Empire of Epasiera and turning the Official Emperor.

Titles, Styles, Honours and Arms


Royal styles of
Felipe I
Monogram of Felipe Felmer.png
Reference styleHis Imperial Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleEmperor
  • 19 September 2020 - 24 September 2022: Sir Felmer
  • 24 September 2022 - 11 October 2022: His Majesty King of Silveras
  • 11 October 2022 - Present: His Imperial Majesty Felmer I


National Honours

  • Order Feomia.png Order of Epasiera
  • Order Monarch Feomia.png Order of the Emperor of Epasiera
  • Sarenian Order.png Knight of the Sarenian Order

Foreign Honours

  • Medalha da vitória.png Intergalactic Order of Principality of Rockall


Emperor of Feomia Coat of Arms.png
Coat of Arms of Primeira Vista Duke.png
Royal Standard FelipeI Feomia.png
Arms of Felipe as Emperor of Epasiera
Arms of Felipe as Duke of Primeira Vista
Standard of Felipe as Emperor of Epasiera

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