Animalian National Council

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National Council of the Animalian Republic
Animalian National Council
7th Litter of the Animalian National Council
Ceannaire of the Animalian RepublicHer Excellency Cookie the Cat, ANUP
since February 15, 2019
Vice PresidentPusheen the Cat, Liberal Democratic Party
since February 15, 2019
PriómhaPugsheen O'Malley, K9 Party
since February 15, 2020
Chairman of the Truth and Dignity CommissionPurrlock Holmesheen, Socialist
since March 30, 2019
Political groups     Animalian National Union (1)
     Socialist (2)
     Liberal Democrats (1)
     K9 (1)
CommitteesTruth and Dignity Commission
Voting systemFirst-past-the-post
Last electionFeburary 6th, 2020
Meeting place
National Council Hall

The Animalian National Council is the official legislature of the Animalian Republic. It was founded on November 2, 2017 as the Feline Republic after declaring independence from Sonora. After ten months of democratic success, a civil war erupted on August 27, 2018 between Nationalist and Socialist forces ending after several days with the socialist government defeating the Nationalists and forming the Feline Soviet Socialist Republic and forming a union with Sonora. On September 18, the FSSR was renamed Animalia and became the ASSR. The capital was also renamed to Petigrad. The Soviet reverted back to the National Council following the Great Patriotic War.

Powers and Duties

The National Council itself is tasked with hearing judicial cases, making and reviewing legislation, and voting on whether to send it to the President for approval or veto. Most actions taken by the National Council must attain a two-thirds majority of the citizens. Such actions include the ability to amend the Constitution. Regular sessions provide a meeting point for both elected officials and the People to engage in public debate on legislative issues. Meetings are routinely held in the Council Chambers in Petigrad.

The Council's main power is to keep the checks and balances of the activity of the executive through binding legislation. Opposition parties are active in engaging, and sometimes scrutinizing government actions. In addition to these key powers, the constitution grants to the Council extensive legislative powers such as the right to lay and collect taxes and grant loans, to declare war and make peace, ratifying treaties and international agreements, such as diplomatic relations with a certain micronation and entering into alliances.


As of May 2019, the National Council currently consists of 5 members, comprised of the directly elected representatives. The only requirement to be a member is to be a Animalian citizen for 1 month. The current seated Council is comprised of 3 Animalian Nationals and 2 Socialists. The National Council acts as the official governing body of the Republic. All legislation goes before the President of the Republic who vetoes or signs the bill. If there is a tie in the Council, the Prime Minister makes the deciding vote.

Current members

The current roster of Council Members is as follows:
Prime Minister Pugsheen O'Malley (K9)
CM Stormy the Cat (Liberal Democrat)
CM Purrlock Holmesheen (Socialist), Chair of the Truth and Dignity Commission
CM Poppy the Cat (ANUP)
CM Olga Harvesten (Socialist)

Truth and Dignity Commission

On January 21, 2018, President Pusheen announced the creation of a Truth and Dignity Commission to keep the government answerable and honorable to the people of the Feline Republic. She appointed her sister, then Council Member (CM) Stormy the Cat (Socialist) to the position of Chairman. In addition, Stormy promised the Commission would answer any and all questions as to give the people transparency in government and that any deceitfulness of hiding of facts would be a punishable offense. She was succeeded by her younger brother, Pip, in May 2018 when she took on the role of the Feline Presidency. In December 2018, Pip the Cat was elected Premier and announced he would be reappointing his sister and former two time President of the Feline Republic/Animalia, Stormy, to the role upon taking office. Following the events of the Second Sonoran Civil War, Stormy was replaced by Purrlock Holmesheen. She was reappointed by Cookie the Cat.