State of Žatec

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The State of Žatec (formerly called Federative Qimelian Republic of Mendersia, also abbreviated to FQRM) is one of the micronations in Central Europe. It borders the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Žatec's independence (July 12, 2020) was a response to calling the founder of Federal Republic of Mendersia Eric Smith a terrorist.

Flag of
Coat of arms of
Coat of arms
Motto: Peace, Freedom, Unity
Anthem:  La Marseillaise
Official languagesMendersian
Recognised regional languagesHindi, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Spanish
Ethnic groupsCzechs and Slovaks (75%)

Indians (7,15%) Dutch (3,57%) Americans (3,57%) Italians (3,57%) Hungarians (3,57%) Spaniards (Colombia) (3,57%) (de facto)

Žatecians (100%) (de iure)
DemonymŽatecian (s)
GovernmentRevolutionary government
• President
Štěpán Fremund
Independence from the Czech Republic
• Declaration of Independence
12nd July 2020
• First elections
24th-26th July 2020
• First constitution
26th July 2020
• Total
0.051 km2 (0.020 sq mi)
• Estimate
CurrencyCorona, Euro, Czech koruna (CRN, €, Kč)
Time zoneCentral European Time (UTC+1)
• Summer (DST)
Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)
Date formatdd. mm. yyyy;
Drives on theright

Žatec is located in three European countries - Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The territory in Hungary lies in a village called Szemere, the territory is called Szemere Territory (in Czech Szemerské území) and is part of Republic of Librepais. The claimed territory in Slovakia is in its capital - in Bratislava, hence the name Bratislava Territory (In Czech Bratislavské území) - Part of the Republic of Famiteur. In the town of Žatec in the Czech Republic, three other claimed areas - Žatec Teritorry (In Czech Žatecké území) are also part of the Republic of Famiteur. Žatec is thus a landlocked micronation. Žatec is currently not a member of any micronational organisation.