Federation of Seldov-Volodovkaya

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The Federation of Seldov-Volodovkaya
Федевратива Селдов-Володовкаjа
Ведератси Селдов-Володовкайа


Coat of arms

Capital Tsetsomir
Official languages English, Seldov-Volodovkayan, Izkargom
Co-official languages Cheslovian
Denonym Seldoviyan, Seldov, Volodovkayan, Seldov-Volodovkayan
Government Parliamentary Federal Republic
Leader Vastau Faranaeghul (Vytautas Korok)
Founded As Izkaria: 02.12.2008
As Seldov-Volodovkaya: 07.07.2009
Dissolved 02.12.2009
Area ?km²
Location North western Europe
Population 9
Currency Unknown

The Federation of Seldov-Volodovkaya (Seldov-Volodovkayan: Федевратива Селдов-Володовкаjа, Izkargom: Ведератси Селдов-Володовкайа, Cheslovian: Ведерацийа Селдов-Володовкаи) is the successor state of the Izkar Confederacy. The history of Seldov-Volodovkaya can be traced back to 2 December 2008 after Izkaria declared independence from Cheslovia, the nation's attempt at independence failed twice, however, on 7 July 2009 after a long talk with the Cheslovian Federal government, it was finally decided that the Izkarians will be able to claim territory, but the territory must be outside Cheslovia and the Izkarians must not cause problems. The nation was dissolved after the Seldovian leaders noticed democratic change in Cheslovia, during the 2009 elections. All citizens are now fully Cheslovian once again.


Seldov-Volodovkaya is located partially outside Baltia. Inside Baltia, the nation occupies parts of the Kerek Fields.

The nation is comprised of two states, Seldovia and Volodovkaya.


Seldov-Volodovkaya is considered the successor of the Izkar Confederacy, plans for the Izkar Confederacy were created on 2 December 2008 and initiated on 29th December 2008. After the nation declared independence, Cheslovia declared war on the Izkarians and the Izkar War of Independence began. During the war, Operation: Internal Destruction was initiated by Cheslovia which completely decimated the Izkarian information network, this contributed to a swift defeat of Izkaria. Shortly after Izkaria was defeated on 31 January 2009, the War against Milnian and Izkar holdouts started, during this war, the Izkarians returned as a micronation, however they had much les territory and the territories whereabouts was unknown, the Izkarians called themselves the "Izkar Remnants", they fought along side with British volunteers and also the Milnian Holdouts. The Milnian Holdouts was simply a trick to cause conflict inside the Cheslovian Federal government. On the 9 May 2009 the Izkar Remnants were defeated by Cheslovia. On 7 July 2009, Cheslovia allowed Izkaria to claim a territory outside Cheslovia, the new country was named Seldov-Volodovkaya, instead of Izkaria (Izkaria is the name of two other entities within Cheslovia and is also a controversial name).


On the 8th July 2009, Cheslovia created the "Baltian Recognition Act, 2009", which forced all Baltian micronations to recognise each other.