Federation of Mistakian-Timberia

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Federation of Mistakian Timberia

Shania Twain: Life's About to Get Good
Across the state of Maine, United States
Capital cityJones Port
Largest cityEastport
Official language(s)English,French
Official religion(s)Catholic,Buddhism
Short nameMistak or Timberia
GovernmentKingdom with a representative federation model
- Prime MinisterJohn Doe
- KingKing Archie
EstablishedNovember 5th 2018
Area claimed25km²
Population3 (as of 2018 census)
CurrencyMistakian Mark
Time zoneUTC/GTM -4
National sportCycling
National animalDeer
Patron saintSt. Huberus
This nation is a member of Discord based IMU,AU

Government website

The Federation of Mistakian-Timberia was founded on 5 November 2018 and comprises of the Kingdom of Mistak, which lasted from 2015–2018, and West Timberia, which lasted from 2016-2018 on Nationstates.


The name stems from the Kingdom of Mistak and West Timberia which merged together


Government and politics

Law and order


The police is connected and communicate regularly amount each other from the different states and commonwealths


The judicial branch is fair and free for all and only has one level of court as major situations are only brought to court

Riot Guard

The riot guard was created to stop any riots or unrest in the nation, the guard has never been into use.

Flag of Federation of Mistakian-Timberia

Royal Guard

The royal guard is used to protect the king and the prime minister

Foreign relations



Since the country's establishment it has recognized all of the UN member states and observer states.


The country also recognized many micro nations including

Aerican Empire Since 2018

Austenasia Since 2018

Empire of Atlantium Since 2018

Dominion of British West Florida Since 2018

Conch Republic Since 2018

Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands Since 2018

Principality of Hutt River Since 2018

Ladonia Since 2018

Liberland Since 2018

Kingdom of Lovely Since 2018

Republic of Molossia Since 2018

Kingdom of Redonda Since 2018

Principality of Sealand Since 2018

Principality of Seborga Since 2018


Apart of Discord based AU,IMU


Geography and climate




The nation runs a discord server for all to join for those interested in bilateral communications and for those looking for a way to support a state.

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/6A7ysTc