Federation of Frandi

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Federation of Frandi
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Motto Always forward, Always together, Frandi unite!
National anthem
Blacksburg, Virginia
Official language(s)English, Punjabi, French
Recognised languagesAll of them!
Official religion(s)None-Frandi is secular
Short nameFrandi
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- Queen of Frandi head of government = Prime Minister of FrandiRavinder Gill
Vishav gill
- Head AdviserKarolina Wysocki
- Type - Bicameral
- Number of seats - 34
- Last election - May 20, 2018
EstablishedMay 17, 2018
CurrencyAmerican Dollar
Time zoneEST(Eastern standard time)
National sportBasketball
National dishNaan and Paneer with rice
National animalPeacock
Patron saintGuru Nanak

Diplomatic Requests

If you wish to extend Diplomatic Requests, please do so through this email: VishavGill.FrandiDiplomat@gmail.com

Overview and Summary

The Federation of Frandi is a small micronation located in Southwest Virginia, in Montgomery county. It was created by the Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Frandi Vishav Gill in May 2018. Frandi Takes the form of a constitutional monarchy, with a royal family, and also has various provinces, each with their own Minister. The Crown Prince is also the Prime Minister, therefore giving him more power than just symbolism. When he becomes king though, the mantle of Prime Minister will be given to the youngest son of Her Majesty the Queen of Frandi, Ravinder Gill.


Frandi has two flags, one royal and one military/diplomatic. The diplomatic one is used more often in foreign relations and the royal one more in internal affairs. The diplomatic flag has two diagonal red bands, with green were they bisect. It has a cross in the middle, symbolizing the sacrifice of its residents. The red symbolizes the leftist politics Frandi is built on The royal one has a horizontal and vertical green stripe, crossing in the middle. In the middle, two peacocks can be found, the royal animal of Frandi. On the top left, there is a field, symbolizing Frandi's agriculture. On the top right is a flower, which symbolizes beauty. On the bottom left is a mace and a sword, symbolizing might, and the last one has a crown, representing the royal family. This is one of two official royal flags. After the October Reforms,(a series of conferences held with the micronation's Queen about power), a poll was put out to the people. The result was to make another flag. The reason for this was that the symbol of the mace and sword was seen militaristic and violent to some people. Others said the flag was an essential part of Frandiese culture. The compromise was a poll. The new one's popularity skyrocketed The new one has two green bands, horizontal and vertical, on a red background. There is also a yellow crown in the middle. The Cabinet of Ministers said they would fully adopt this flag on Frandi's 1 birthday. This is also when they will adopt the new diplomatic flag


Frandi's new royal flag

Flag Changes

On May 10, 2019, 7 days before its 1st birthday, the cabinet of Ministers approved of changing the diplomatic flag, in part in honour of its anniversary, but also to address concerns about the cross in the flag. There were complaints that it was pro-Christian and anti-secular. The new flag is a tricolour, with two horizontal bands of red on the sides, and a green circle in the middle. The old flag has been put out of commission and is not being produced. The official flag changing ceremony will take place on the 17 of May, Frandi's birthday. It retains the same meaning and colours, but a different format. The old flag was been changed and is now it is at the top of the page. The royal flags have not changed.

History of Frandi

Frandi was created on May 17, 2018, on the west coast of Canada. It consisted of a federation of micronations, that ceded their sovereignty to be part of Frandi, not unlike Yugoslavia. Also like Yugoslavia, it was split apart. After just two months of The Republic of Frandi, it was blown to pieces. This was largely due to a lack of funding and investment. It was revived, in southwestern Virginia, in the form of the Federation in September, and was after the October Reforms, it was fully functioning again. This time, it was a Federation, with different provinces.


If the Prime Minister of Frandi is the Crown Prince or Princess, an election is held when they assume the throne. If this is not the case, it is every three years. If the Crown Prince or Princess is not on the throne within three years of them assuming office, an election is held. If they get elected another term, and they get on the throne, it is passed to the youngest son of the old head of state. The reason for this is that then they would be the head of state and head of government, becoming a dictator. There has only been one election in Frandi so far. The Royal Federalist Party, representing the Royal Family and it's supporters, won a victory over the Socialist Peoples Party. The Socialist Peoples Party and The Royal Federation Party are actually very similar, both being leftist parties. Frandi is a centre-left country.

Ethnicities of Frandi

From the most recent poll of Frandi, 30% of Frandi is Indo-Canadian, meaning that they are from Canada, but their backgrounds are Indian. 10% of Frandi are from Indian but have Canadian citizenship. 20% is Polish, and 10% are Polish-American. 10% are Brazilian, 10% are from Quebec, and 10% are American


Frandi is secular, but people are still allowed to practice their religion freely. 40% of Frandi are Sikh, and 30% are Polish Catholic. There is no clear data on the other 30%