Federation of Essexia

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Second Federation of Essexia
Flag of the Federation of Essexia.jpg
Federation of Essexia Coat of Arms.png
Coat of arms

Through the Dark Tunnel, lies the Light of Freedom.
Location of Essexia
South-East England, East Anglia, Essex
Capital cityLes Paddocks
Largest cityDanbury
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)No Official Religion
Short nameEssexia
GovernmentFederal Republic
- PresidentNone
LegislatureFederal Senate of Essexia
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - TBD
Established1st June 2020
Area claimedTBD
CurrencyEssex Shekle (₪) (EXS)
Time zoneUTC ±00:00
National sportParadox Interactive Grand Strategy Series
National dishMcDonalds
National drinkKopparberg
National animalCow
Patron saintHarvey Milk

The Second Federation of Essexia (Often abbreviated to FedEx) is a Federal Republic situated in South-East England. It was founded on the 1st June 2020 by The Great Loyalists, who left the Commonwealth of Essexia seeking a safe haven from the oppression of the ruling Rhino Alliance.

There are 4 provinces in Essexia. The total population of these provinces is 90, which is the majority of the population of Essexia. The provinces are further divided as shown in the table.


The First Federation of Essexia was formed on the 16th September 2018, following a miscommunication between Jack (An MP) and Emperor Terry of Essexia. The Federation lasted for three days until the 19th September, when negotiations were finalised, and the two nations formed the Commonwealth of Essexia.

The Second Federation of Essexia came to be on the 1st June 2020, following the oppressive actions undertaken by the ruling government of the Commonwealth upon The Great Loyalists. They seeked a safe haven from the Rhino Alliance, and created FedEx to start anew.


The nation is a Federal Republic with a democratically-elected President who sits for six month terms. There is a two consecutive term limit for each President, however there is no overall term limit, and as such a President can only serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms, wait a term and then serve another two. Every President may choose their Vice-President within 24 hours of being announced as the President-elect, however if they do not announce a VP within this time, they will not have one.

Senators are chosen every six months for a term of six months in State Elections, with no term limits. The State Elections should take place between Presidential Elections, and as such take place three months after the latter. Senators write and vote on Bills and Legislation, and debate current issues, among other responsibilities. They can be given roles in the Cabinet of FedEx by the President or Vice-President.

Law and Order

Foreign Relations


There are four branches to the Armed Forces of the Federation: The Federation of Essexia Navy, Federation of Essexia Air Force, Federation of Essexia Army and Federation of Essexia Space Force.

The FedEx Navy is responsible for all military operations on, near, under and regarding large bodies of water. It operates four active-service vessels.

Ships of the Federation of Essexia Navy
Ship Number Name Class Type Type (Acronym) Designed Built Maiden Voyage Final Voyage Fate
01 Jaywick-A Jaywick Super Carrier CTS 01 8/7/18 8/7/18 8/7/18 In service
02 Southend Southend Light Carrier CTS 02 9/9/18 9/9/18 9/9/18;19/4/20 25/8/19 In service
03 Mersea Mersea Carrier CTS 03 11/5/19 12/5/19 13/5/10 In service
04 Les Paddocks Les Paddocks Destroyer DTS 01 18/4/20 19/4/20 20/4/20 In service

The FedEx Air Force has the responsibility of military operations in the air, and over all air force aircraft. It currently operates two active-vessel aircraft.

The FedEx Army is responsible for ground operations, and it's size is yet to be determined.

The FedEx Space Force conducts operations at high altitude and outside of Earth's atmosphere. It operates one spacecraft, the Epstein Mk. 1.



States of Essexia
Name Image Population Area (acres) Establishment Senator
East Danbury Danbury Fields.jpg TBD 1 1st June 2020 TBD
Colchester Colchester.png TBD TBD 23rd March 2020 TBD
Shenfield TBD TBD 23rd March 2020 TBD
Greatest Baddow TBD TBD 1st June 2020 TbD
Cold Norton TBD TBD 1st June 2020 TBD
Maldon Baddow.jpg TBD TBD 1st June 2020 TBD