Federation Of Green & Blue

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The federation is a vassal of the Blue Army

The Federation Of Green & Blue

Flag Of The Federation Of Green & Blue.png
Flag of the Federation of Green & Blue.

We are our own and our own is us


Spoken languages: English , Squkish.

population 6

currency: None yet

Naional Sport: Chess

National Tree: Lemon tree

Baisic Info

The Federation Is a Semi offical Proxy Micro Nation Of the Blue army. It is used for Recruiting members to Join Them, as well as to assimilate other micro nations, eventually they will be disolved by the Blue army, although they remain mostly independant and oporate on thier own. The members of the federation somtimes refer to the Blue Army as the "Empire", wile members of the Blue Army refer to the Federation Of Green & Blue as the "federation". The Federation and the Empire generally get along well wich is unsuprising since all of the Federations members used to be members of the Empire and are only temporaraly (1 to 10 years) part of a deferant('ish) Micro nation. The Federation is controlled by the council with the acting head being Peter Leaf (a well established (plant) from within the Empire). The Federation similarly to the Empire is majority Human micronation with a small plant minoroty. in power within the federation there are four factions with the largest being the Coalition aka Tank Party that has 3 of the 6 seats to itself, the other three factions each have only one seat each with the Nissanim party having the most influence out of the three smaller factions, although both the Human Party & Plant Party Each have a seet aswell. The federation did not exist durring the 1st Moth invason (part of the Moth Wars but did send slight renforcments to the empire from october-29th to Deccember the 1st durring the second Moth Invastion.


No official ones yet

  • (Unofficialy) They are supposed to aid the Blue Army expand. They are also supossed to aid the Blue Army if they require aid in a micro conflict.
  • (unofficialy) They are supposed to act and be (sort of) thier own independent Micronation that may have its own seperet Diplomatic ties.

Head of state

The current acting Head of the Federation is Peter Leaf. Peter was put in that Role by The Creator Lahav Morris who is also the Emperor of the Blue Army.


Flag Of The Federation Of Green & Blue.png The flag has a Blue Backround with a Green pillar in the center. There are six orbs three being green and three being blue. the orbs represent the six terretorys the Federation strides to assimilate before being assimilated itself by the Blue army.


In the federation there are often political squables so three of the six members made a coalition and called it the Tank Party. The Tank Party isnt exactly a party. The Tank party is pro: Tank competetions, Slow expantion, & building a boats (they gave no official reasons to why they want these things).


The federation has six members five are humans one is a plant. most members of the federation have dyslexia.


The federation had a Army consisting of one person from October the 27th until it was desolved on December the 1st.

current state

The federation is not large enough to muster & maintain a Micro army so instead if conflic arrisess they will probably rely on the assistance of the Blue Army.

other info

The federation of Green & blue is incharge of C.O.B-MNM. The Coalition Of Blue Micro National Movies aka C.O.B-MNM is a small Organisation that exists to aid micronations in producing thier own movies & Films. Currently C.O.B-MNM are working on a short film alongside Blue Army Productions.


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