Federated States of Ligusteria

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Federated States of Ligusteria
Federale Staten van Ligusterie (DU)
Flag of Ligusteria.png
Great Coat of Arms of Ligusteria.png
Coat of arms

In Vindicam Libertatis
Map of the FSL

Capital cityToronta, FCD
Largest cityToronta (by population)
Bates (by size)
Official language (s)English (federal)
Dutch, Zoetermeers (local)

GovernmentFederal presidential constitutional republic
- PresidentEdwin Farrar
- Vice-PresidentShady Morsi
Formation16 August 2017

Area5 km²

Ligusteria known as the Federated States of Ligusteria and by its people known as the Federated States is a transcontinental nation in Europe, and the Caribbean, it is the smallest sovereign state in the Western Hemisphere, in both area and population. composed of one state, a federal district, and one overseas territory The State of Attrania are located in Seghwaert Zoetermeer, and the State of Krakhozia is in Poland, The Federal City of Toronta is located in England, Apia is an islet of the Nukunonu island group of Tokelau, in the southern Pacific Ocean. At 5 square miles and with over 4 people, The capital is Toronta., and the largest city is Bates; Ligusteria has seven other major metropolitan areas—each located in Australia. The micro nation was launched on Saturday 9 September 2017.


The name, Ligusteria comes from the Dutch word for Privet. Liguster, Ligusterpark is a street located near Ligusteria, Other proposed names were New Hollandia and Krakhozia,



Zegwaart was a separate municipality until 1935, when it became part of Zoetermeer, using the archaic spelling of the locale's name Seghwaert. The old Zegwaart was a ribbon development along what remains until today as Zegwaartseweg, which is perpendicular to Dorpstraat. It is further divided into Seghwaert-Oost (2723), -Midden (2724) and -Noord (2727).



Flag of Wingia (2013-17)
Flag of Wingia (2013-17)

Wingia was a semi-independent minarchist nation that was located in Attrania that declared independence from the Netherlands Later historians have used the term Wingian Republic or Wingian Confederation to refer to the government of Winia that existed from 2013 to 2017. Its only President was Jefferson Dennis,

As a self-organized along Night-watchman state, The nation didnt had much control over its claims, As government's role was minimalized, Cliques and Warlords, "instinctively suspicious, quick to suspect that their interests might be threatened . . . hard-headed, devoted to the short run and impervious to idealistic abstractions" These Wingian warlords usually allied the government

Flag of Tree Island)

Due the local autonomy and lack of government control the region of Tree Island declared independent from Wingia The declaration of independence was made with the support of Local Cliques and Dutch Merchanaries, Tree Island was one of the richest and most developed areas of Wingia.


On August 14, 2017 Edwin Farrar wanted to create a federal nation and asked Shady Morsi to help, Morsi agreed on it and joined, after many disscussions, Ligusteria claims the former Wingian Area and expendend to the east, On 22 August, Krakhozia joined as a third state, Same Saint Augustine joined as an overseas territory


Political divisions

Flag Emblem Name Admission Population Photo Governor Deputy Governor
Federal Capital District
Toronta flag.png Toronta aarms.png Toronta, FCD 14 August 2017 1
Edwin Farrar
Attrania.png Attrania arms.png State of Attrania 14 August 2017 5 Bates.jpg Shady Morsi TBA
Krakhozia.png State of Krakhozia 22 August 2017 1 TBA
Jakub Baran
Overseas Territories
Flag of Saint Augustine.png File:SACOA.png Commonwealth of Saint Augustine 22 August 2017 0
Edgar Buitenhuis
Undeveloped States
Flag of Kennedia.png State of Kennedia 22 August 2017 7 KennediaState.png
John F. Kennedy (de jure)
Stein Dros (de facto)

Foreign Relations

When the micronation is launched. It will stay isolationist for 3 months until it is fully stable.

Parties and elections

There are currently no political parties in the micronation.