Epyk Federation

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The Epyk Federation of Autonomous Entities
Flag of The Epyk Federation2.jpg
Coat of Arms of The Epyk Federation.gif
Coat of Arms

"Nullius in verba."
Capital citySpandowb
Largest cityFlag of Tomohauwaki.png Tomohauwaki
Official language(s)English & German
DemonymDamish, Newlander, Newlandic, Spandowbian
- Grand GovernorStephen
Established7th February 2017
Population100,005,000 (2017 estimate)
CurrencyDamish Euro (DEU)
Time zoneRepenique Standard Time, Kaltreigen Standard Time & Greenwich Mean Time.

The Epyk Federation (EF), officially known as The Epyk Federation of Autonomous Entities, more simply known as Epyk, is a dependency of The Empire of New Amsterdam, it claims 4 autonomous territories, The Principality of Kaltreigen, The Kingdom of Repenique, The Ubasay Territories & The People's Republic of Bugatnya.