Federal Republic of Pangavia

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Federal Republic of Pangavia
Bundesrepublik Pangaw (de)
邦共和國潘科 (zh)

National Anthem:
No national anthem
Quassataeque rates unite.
Capital Uttarmen

Official languages German, English, Mandarin Chinese

Denomyn Pangavian, Pangav

Governor (Gouverneur) Maximilian Brunner
Chairman of the Committee of Reorganization (Vorsitzender des Umgestaltungskomitees) David Morris
Chairman of the Central Council (Vorsitzender des Zentralrates) David Morris

Legislature Central Council (Zentralrat)
-Type Unicameral
Seats 5 (two vacant)

- Constitution ratified To be ratified
– Formation of the Federal Republic 16 December 2015

Population 3 (2015)

Currency Kyuld (₭)(officially)
Euro, US-Dollar and Renminbi (inofficially)

Drives on the Varies

Date formats Gregorian calendar

Pangavia, officially the Federal Republic of Pangavia is a self-declared independent nation-state. It is governed as a federal republic, with Maximilian Brunner serving as head of state and David Morris as head of government.


The name Pangavia derives from the local term for the region (Pongau) the nation is mainly set in.