Federal Republic of Mislandistan

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Federal Republic of Mislandistan
Mislandistan Flag.png
Flag [a]
Mislandistan COA.png
Coat of arms

"da Deus fortunae"
English: "O God, give fortune"
March of Mislandistan
Mislandistan Map.png
Left: Southern Oblast, Right: Northern Oblast
Capital citySouthern Mislandistan
Largest cityNorthern Mislandistan
Official language(s)English
GovernmentFederal Republic
- PresidentCharles Ross
- ChancellorArchie Birch
LegislatureCouncil of the Republic
- Type - Unicameral
Established1 June 2021
Area claimed3.3 sq mi (5.3 sq km)
CurrencyMislandistani Sheqel
Time zoneMST
National sportRunning
National drinkWhiskey
National animalLargemouth bass

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Mislandistan, officially the Federal Republic of Mislandistan and otherwise known as the Mislandistani Islands, is an autonomous territorial entity which claims to be a sovereign state but is more commonly referred to as a micronation by external sources. Based in North America, Mislandistan became independent from the United States of America on the 1st of June 2021. All land of Mislandistan is enclaved by the United States in the towns of Whitneyville, Maine and Gilbert, Arizona.

The Federal Republic of Mislandistan is governed as a Federal Republic, with a President as head of state, a Chancellor for the executive branch, and a unicameral legislature, named the Council of the Republic. The first and incumbent President is Charles Ross, notable for being one of the two Founders of the Republic and a leader of the provisional government. The incumbent Chancellor is Archie Birch. The cultural life of Mislandistan is primarily influenced by the American, Belarusian, Misberian and Phoklandian culture, Mislandistan is a non active player in the diplomacy of the MicroWiki Community.


The name Mislandistan is defined as the merging of the national names of Misberia and Phokland, both of which comes from their own roots. Misberia is defined as the historic merging of states of the Kingdom of Mistak and Kingdom of Timberia. Phokland is comes from a combination of the country name of Poland and the swear word "f**k".


While only in existence in its current form for a shot period of time, the nation has nonetheless had a unique and fascinating history.

Misberian history

Candle lit service in Songo for the passing of Maria and her unborn child on August 1st 2020.

The nation was originally founded on 15 April 2015 under the name Farmia, which was primarily based around the Xbox 360 Edition of the sandbox video game Minecraft. It underwent several changes, and was subsequently renamed Mistak in February 2016. It remained isolationist, before discovering and commencing diplomatic talks with another micronation in Maine called Timberia, which led to the signing of the Treaty of Roosevelt in June 2018, and the two nations subsequently merged to form the Federation of Mistak-Timberia on 20 November, which was renamed to Misberia three days later. In the same month, Misberia made entry into the micronational community upon gaining membership in the Global Micronational Alliance, which communicated via Discord.

It underwent a reform and became a Parliamentary Republic in December, then merged with Kingdom of Aspen to form the Aspen-Misberian Empire in February 2019, before Misberia declared independence in March. It would become a republic again, before becoming a Kingdom in July. The nation faced hardship in March 2020 when Archie Birch resigned and many regions left the nation fearing a collapse. Birch announced a hiatus for ten days and on the 14 March, and later brought Misberia back as a Directive Council ran nation.

During the Misberian Failed Coup of May 2020, Misberia lost 75% of its population, however many micronations quickly came to Misberia's aid, growing its citizenship count dramatically, as well as asserting Misberia's influence in the MicroWiki community. It reformed into the Grand Duchy of Misberia. In June after minor disputes with much of the community the nation announced a isolationist policy to rebuild, and the nation continued to heavily focus on its cultural development. It became imperial on 8 October, following a referendum with a landslide of 92% approval. On 25 February 2021, Misberia was declared dissolved, and succeeded by the Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta.

Phoklandian history

The idea of Phokland was first conceived by Charles Ross in early 2007 as a way to establish an absolute monarchical kingdom in the playground of his primary school in Gilbert, Arizona. The nation officially came into existence at noon on 10 February 2007. The new nation was given the name of the Kingdom of Rosston, and Ross was given the title of King Charles I. The nation continued in this capacity until late 2013, when it was decided by Charles I that the nation lacked the motivation necessary to continue its existence. Therefore, on the evening of 11 December 2013, all actions of the Kingdom of Rosston as a nation were put on hiatus and Charles I indefinitely suspended his role as monarch. Following four years of inactivity, Rosston's original founder Charles Ross and his friend Brock Lang sought to restore the Kingdom. However, unlike its previous fictional form, the new nation was designed to act as a political experiment. On the evening of 13 December 2017, Ross (then Prime Minister) and Lang (then Minister of Defense) ratified the first Phoklandian Declaration of Independence, thus re-establishing the Kingdom of Rosston. However, it was decided soon after independence that the nation would change its name to Phokland and (for a short time) not have a monarchy, thus re-establishing the country as a democratic republic.

Flag of the Principality of Phokland hanging in a citizen's bedroom.

For a short time the nation was a Principality until 11 November 2018, Phokland was annexed by the Principality of Domanglia. This annexation was the result of a lack of resources which had led to the complete collapse of Phokland's economy, and a need for a more stable ruling government. Following the dissolution of the Principality of Domanglia on 29 January 2019, Phokland regained its independence, and was reorganized into a Tsardom, with Charles I being crowned Tsar.

Following this, the nation experienced rapid growth in population, land, and recognition. In late July 2019, the Tsardom of Phokland entered into a state of national crisis when inactivity within the nation reached a critical amount. At this time most of the government was inactive, and while a mid-July poll showed that the majority of citizens wished to continue the nation, the poll showed that they would rather the monarch reign as an absolute Tsarist Autocrat. Between August and October 2019, Phokland entered into another state of national emergency when the incumbent monarch; Charles Ross abdicated in favor of former Prime Minister Mia Sanchez. Upon taking the throne, The new Tsar (now retitled as Empress but still commonly referred to by the old title) caused uproar amongst the citizenry due to many of them not wanting the old ruler to leave.

On the 11th of November 2019, Phokland joined Emosia as the Phoklandian Imperium, this ended on the 30th of October, Phokland declared independence from emosian dominionship. This was due to massive amounts of inactivity and neglect on the part of the emosian government. Following independence, Phokland reorganized itself back into a royal state; becoming a de jure Kingdom while remaining a de facto Tsardom. Unfortunately, the newly gained re-independence did little to help curb the lack of activity within the nation. Therefore, as a last ditch effort to save the Phoklandian project; ruler Charles Ross officially abolished the monarchy, suspended the legislature and took power as State President.

On 15 April 2020, Navārdia declared independence from the Union; along with them went a majority of the nation's land and citizens. Finding the situation no longer sustainable and additionally finding the state without a working government, the State President, the Press Minister and Charles Ross (not serving a specific role at the time) collectively decided that the country should end. Therefore, at midnight on 15 April 2020 the Phoklandian Free State officially dissolved, thus ending the thirteen year non-continuous run of the nation.

Modern Mislandistan

The idea of Mislandistan was first conceived by Archie Birch and Charles Ross on the 31st of May 2021, the idea for a Mislandistani state came from the return of Charles to the micronational community and wanting to be involved in micronationalism once again. The nation was decided to take its roots from Phoklandian Free State and the Misberian Confederacy. On the 1st of June, the nation was announced as being founded and saw the first law being signed into force by the Council of The Republic, as well as being recognized by the Maritime Republic of The Damariscotta.


The government of the Federal Republic of Mislandiatan is be made up of a parliamentary legislative body, known as the “Council of the Republic” headed by the head of government, known as the Chancellor, who is elected along with the parliament at least once every two years and no more than once every six months (unless an emergency election is ordered by the President). The Chancellor is tasked with managing and forming the government of Mislandistan, this includes appointing and dismissing ministers (except that of the foreign department).

The head of state for Mislandistan is known as the President who is also elected in a general election every two years (though never on the same date as a parliamentary election). The President is tasked with enforcing executive actions over the nation including, signing treaties of war/peace, calling for emergency elections, declaring national emergencies, awarding awards/citations, representing the nation internationally, welcoming foreign dignitaries and appointing and dismissing Mislandistani diplomats and the head of the foreign department.

Portrait of Charles Ross, Current President

All elected members of government are permitted to continually run for office until voted out by the nation’s eligible voters who are defined as any citizen of or over the age of 16 who has registered with the government to vote.


The President of Mislandistan has some power and responsibilities as defined by the law of the nation and is head of state. The President holds the power of giving out titles and other ceremonial powers in the nation. The President also has final say over the foreign affairs ministry and is the only ministry such power exists for the position. The current acting President of the Republic is Charles Ross, serving since the first of June 2021.

Portrait of Archie Birch, Current Chancellor


The Chancellor of Mislandistan has some power and responsibilities as defined by the law of the nation and is head of the government. The Chancellor holds the power of overseeing the Council of The Republic, each ministry and other governmental affairs. The current acting Chancellor of the Republic is Archie Birch, serving since the first of June 2021.

Council of The Republic

The legislature of Mislandistan is a unicameral body referred to as the Council of The Republic. The council is the sole law making institution within the nation and is comprised of two members who are citizens of the nation, with representatives from each oblast. The main purpose of the legislature is to draft laws, budgets and bills, for the development and support of the people and the nation. The Chancellor is the chief representative of the President and the government in the house of the legislature and is the leader of the house. The current council was convened on the 1st of June following the formation of the nation.

Members of government

  • President - Charles Ross (acting)
  • Chancellor - Archie Birch (acting)
  • Minister Chief Justice - position vacant
  • Director of Foreign Affairs - position vacant
  • Minister of Finance - position vacant
  • Minister of Security - position vacant
  • Home Minister - position vacant


  • The Ministry of Justice - led by the Minister Chief Justice who is in charge overseeing the judicial side of the nation including, legal cases, review of constitutional amendments, rulings of the constitutional rights of citizens and the government.
  • The Directorate of Foreign Affairs - led by the Director of Foreign Affairs who is in charge of overseeing the intermicronational policies, treaties and memberships of the nation.
  • The Ministry of Finance - led by the Minister of Finance who is in charge of overseeing the national economy, any money generated by the nation and proposing policies regarding the economic affairs of the nation.
  • The Ministry of Security - is led by the Minister of Security who is in charge of overseeing the military, cybersecurity and other security affairs.
  • The Home Ministry - is led by the Home Minister who is in charge of handling the miscellanies aspects of government not covered by other ministries.


The Military of Mislandistan is an armed force responsible for protecting Federal Republic of Mislandistan and asserting its claims. The military generally focuses on ceremonial functions, training, assisting with civilian projects and community service. The military falls under the command of the Minister of Security who acts as commander-in-chief.

Administrative Divisions

Mislandistan is comprised of two separate pieces of land, both oblasts - all consist of public park properties. The smallest piece of Mislandistan land, Southern Mislandistan, is roughly 2962 square feet of land, and the capitol the claim holds significant importance to Mislandistan. The largest area in Mislandistan is Northern Mislandistan, an enclave of Maine, in the United States. All administrative divisions consist of a single contiguous claim. Mislandistan is divided into two oblasts. Oblasts are uninhabited areas fully incorporated into the Federal Republic, and are able to send a delegate to the Council of The Republic.

Flag Arms Picture Name Location Established Population Official(s)
Oblasts of Mislandistan
Misberian Tricolor Flag.png Northern Mislandistan .jpg Northern Mislandistan Whitneyville, Maine 31 May 2021 1 Archie Birch
SouthernOblast.png Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 6.22.00 PM.png Southern Mislandistan Gilbert, Arizona 31 May 2021 2 Charles Ross

Climate and Geography

Southern Mislandistan is located on an unnamed island in Freestone Park in Gilbert, Arizona and Northern Mislandistan is located on Money Island in Machias River Preserve in Whitneyville, Maine. Both islands contain vegetation with many varieties of both flora and fauna found on them.


Southern Mislandistan has a subtropical, hot desert type of climate with dry and hot summers, and mild to warm winters, with little rainfall. The Northern Mislandistan climatic region is typified by large seasonal temperature differences, with warm to hot (and often humid) summers and cold (sometimes severely cold) winters.

Climate data for Oblast of Southern Mislandistan
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 89
Average high °F (°C) 67
Average low °F (°C) 41
Record low °F (°C) 15
Average Precipitation inches (mm) 1.01
Source: The Weather Channel[1]
Climate data for Oblast of Northern Mislandistan
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 26
Average low °F (°C) 4
Average Precipitation inches (mm) 4.4
Source: Weatherbase[2]


The economy of the Federal Republic of Mislandistan is planned to be small with limited use, The main currency of Misberia was the Mislandistani Sheqel, the currency is in the planning stages of its creation. Mislandistan plans to exchnage goods and services with other nations in the future.


Mislandistan Propaganda Poster

Culture in Mislandistan is heavily influenced by American/Canadian culture as well as the regional cultures of the northeast and southwest United States respectively.


The national symbols of Mislandistan are defined as the following by the republic’s Declaration of Assentation as; a swallowtail flag triced in three with five rows of white on the top and bottom, small black bar in the middle and small red bars on either side of the black bar. Alternatively to this, a secondary flag exists exactly as previously described but in a rectangular form with the 1:2 or 2:3 flag ratios.

Emblem of The Federal Republic of Mislandistan

In the center of the emblem sits a shield with red with two white hands shaking in the middle with a five pointed red star in the middle chief, superimposed over the rays of a golden sun. Lining the left and right sides of the emblem are stalks of wheat, superimposed with flowers. Clovers adorn the left wheat stalks; flax flowers adorn the right. Wrapped around the wheat stalks is an orange, white and blue ribbon on the left with a white, yellow and green ribbon on the right, with the bottom bearing the colours of the flag of Mislandistan; the ribbon meets at the base of the emblem. At the top of the emblem there is a five-pointed red star.

The motto of the republic is defined as “da Deus fortunae '' or O God, give fortune. The anthem is defined as the March of Mislandistan, a piece utilizing the first verse of Mozart’s “Priest’s March”.


Residents of Mislandistan read newspapers and watch media imported from the United States and abroad. The Bobwhite Gazette is the semi-official Mislandistan news service, founded by Archie Birch in November 2018 while he was Speaker of The Nation of Misberia. Mislandistan has its own broadcasting corporation, Television Territory (TVT). TVT, founded in February 2020, publishing the Government's Broadcasts.

Foreign affairs

Since gaining independence, Mislandistan plans to engage in forms of diplomacy both inside and outside of the micronational realm. As a courtesy, Mislandistan de facto recognized all micronations and geofictional projects.

Nations formally recognized by Mislandistan

Nations with mutual diplomacy

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  1. Variant flag is a standard rectangle Mislandistan Flag 2.png


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