Federal Republic of Grebna and Vonerebna

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Federal Republic of Grebna and Vonerebna
"Республика Гребна и Вонеребна"
Flag of Federal Republic of Grebna and Vonerebna
Coat of arms of Federal Republic of Grebna and Vonerebna
Coat of arms
Motto: əʊnli ˈjuːnɪti juːˈnaɪts ʌs
Only Unity unites us
Official languagesEnglish (Phonetic), Russian, Balkan language, Serbian
Recognised national languagesTurkish
Recognised regional languagesBalkan
Ethnic groupsGrebnars, Bulgarians, Serbs
ReligionOrthodox Christianity
GovernmentFederal Presidential Republic
• President
Boil Stefanov
• Vice-President
Andrey Sharkov
Independence from Bulgaria
• Established
17 October 1867 (First Grebnar Revolution)
• June 5 1912 (WW1 formation)
April 25 1950 (communist times)
May 1 2021 (Today)
• Total
1 km2 (0.39 sq mi)
• 2022 census
• Density
22/km2 (57.0/sq mi)
Time zonePLT, EET (UTC+5, +2)
Calling code+381
Patron saintSaint Boris-Mihail
National sportIce hockey
National animalSiberian husky
Internet TLD.grb

The Federal Republic of Grebna and Vonerebna declared independence from Bulgaria on May 1, 2021, having had a revolution that busted out on April 26, lead by the then Grand duke Boil Stefanov. Symbols of the nation include rice and yoghurt, which is the national food. Ice hockey is the National sport.


The name "Grebna" comes from a tree in the state Grebna called 'Grebnarche' which to this day stays there, Vonerebna is the main army of the country, and in their honor the Capital state is named after them.


Grebna and Vonerebna's history dates back to 2020 when the country was called U.B.S.R (union of the bulgarian socialist republics) the country fell apart due to an unorganized military lead by a very unorganized leader, later the country lead a revolution by Boil Stefanov on April 26, 2021, and sucsessfuly won Grebna. and Vonerebna on April 30, 2021, the next day, the declaration of Independence was signed, marking the start of the country [Important dates, 26 April 30 April 1 May]

Politics and government

Grebna and Vonerebna started as a Grand Duchy but later changed to a Federal Presidential Republic in July 2021, There are 10 states, the country is run by the president, Government is elected by the president, Attack plans are organized by the president and Army general.

Law and order

Law in Grebna and Vonerebna is very strict, one rule broken can cause a lot of harm, the main courthouse is Vonerebna courthouse, where currently 5 trials have been held against multiple crimes within the nation.

Foreign relations

The country has Foreign relations with The Federal Republic of Marblostan Assassin's Republic and French Republic of Bronix.


The Country has 5 Army battalions: The Serbain Army (Black Panthers) The Bulgarian Army (Yellow Lions) Vonerebna (Vonerebna) and the Assassins (Assassin's Battalion).

Geography and climate

This is a forest which comes to Territories of Grebna and Vonerebna, it is located in Stanja mountain chain which crosses Grebna, Bulgaria and Turkey, the lowest point of Grebna and Vonerbena is "vodniy point" in Nestinaria around 15/20 meters below sea level and the highest point is Lozebarskiy hut at about 235 meters above sea level

Usually temperatures in Grebna and Vonerebna are in the range of -14 to 35 degrees Celsius.


Economically, most of the output comes from Copper and Iron mines, Farming is the biggest industry in the country with nearly 100 tons of goods produced every year, The country HAD one trade partner but got attacked by Grebna and Vonerebna due to violations of a Non-Agression pact signed between the two.

Culture and media

Grebna and Vonerebna has 4 official languages; Serbian, Bulgarian, English and Balkan, the national television GNT (Grebnar national television) is streamed in English whilst the GNR (Grebnar national radio) is streamed in Balkan and Serbian, Bulgarian is streamed in other TV shows or radio programs.


Grebna and Vonerebna is made from 10 states: Assassin's Republic, Benkovsky, Dolni Orlov (Lower Orlov), Gorni Orlov (Upper Orlov), Grebna, Haskovo, Hisarya, Losebna, Nestinaria and Vonerebna, each with a person (senator) representing the states during national palace meetings.

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