Democratic People's Republic of Firdanor

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Democratic Peoples Republic of Firdanor

For the Republic
Defenders of New Moscow
Firdanor is surrounded by the United Kingdom
Capital cityDerry
Largest cityMarxisgrad
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Atheism
Short nameThe Republic, Firdanor
GovernmentCommunist Unitary Republic
- Supreme PresidentOffice Abolished
- ChancellorOffice Abolished
LegislaturePeoples Senate
- Type - Unicameral
Established02 November 2011
Area claimed152,025m²
CurrencyRepublic Dataries (150px-Republic credit symbol svg.png
Time zone(UTC±0 to +1)
National drinkTea
National animalPanther
Patron saintStephen King
This nation is a member of MPC

The Federal Republic of Firdanor (The Republic, Firdanor) is a micronation that borders The United Kingdom. The current political party in power is the Communist Party of Firdanor, the oposition of the Communist Party is the Dharma Party which operates a Socialist Policy. Another political party is the Technocrat Party which has 2 seats in the government.


The Democratic Peoples Republic of Firdanor was founded in November 2011 under the name of Kingdom of Firdanor, but due to troubles in the crown the monarchy was dissestablished and a Federal Republic of Formed with a Buddhist government, on june 18 the socialists started the Civil War. The first sign of civil war was when Socialist Party members protested against a law that would restrict the Socialist Partys authority. The second day of protests but over a different subject (What action to take against Dale Republic) saw some violence against Government Authority's.

The Government and Socialist Leaders held a meeting in an attempt to end the protests, The Government issued a proposition that would still limit the Socialist Party movements but not so much as in the bill. At this point the Socialist Party leader 'Adam Borrer' shook his head and walked out of the meeting, later that day the Socialist Party announced they had started the 1st Firdanorian Civil War. The Government of Firdanor were at first shocked at the announcement but then issued a statement saying Peace should and will be upheld by any means necessary. A new law that will ban and catagorise the socialist party as a terrorist organisation was drafted and is awaiting to be presented to the Senate. The War ended with the Socialists Becoming a Administrative Division of the DPRF.


The Government of Firdanor is structured into Three Divisions; Councillor, Administrative Regions, Central Government. The Councillors are in charge of local governments, Administrative Regions are Semi-Autonomous regions part of Firdanor, The Central Government is the main centre for government and politics.


The Armed Forces of Firdanor (AFF) consists of one Paramilitary Force only to be used as Defence

  • Paramilitary Service of Firdanor(PSF)
  • Firdanorian Military Police (FMP)
  • Firdanorian Peoples Navty (FPN)

The Training to become any of these is tough and designed to push recruits to there absolute limit. The Selection Phase of AFF is tough, they have to run at least 3 miles. They have to survive 8 hours with nothing but there wits and cunning whilst being tracked by people with the latest gadgets, then they have to undergoe a 2 hour tough interogation session.

Once they have passed then they have become official soldiers of the Armed Forces of Firdanor.

Firdanor has a system that is similar to the american DEFCON system, it is called: FIRDCOM (Firdanorian Defence Condition)


Transport in Firdanor varys from a simple road system to a rail network


The Firdanorian Federal Railway Co. owns and operates a line between the towns and citys of Firdanor Firrailco.png

Foreign Relations

Foreign Relations are managed by the Foreign Office of Firdanor with occasional co-operation from the Home Office

Informal Relations

Vikeslandflag.jpgKingdom of Vikesland
Flag of Austenasia.pngEmpire of Austenasia
Flag of Burkland.pngMarxist People's Republic of Burkland
Flagv3.pngEmpire of New Europe
Flag of Dale Republic.pngDale Republic
FlagofSandus.png State of Sandus
FSRenFlag.png Free State of Renasia
Zealandian Alternate National Flag.png Kingdom of Zealandia

Formal Relations

FedRep Domanglia Flag.pngKingdom of Domanglia
Flag of Rukora.pngFederal Republic of Rukora