Federal Republic of Caddia

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Federal Republic of Caddia

"Gloria Caddia" The Caddian Motto is: Yrolg ot Aiddac, yrolg ot lla
"Yrolg ot Aiddac"
Caddian areas in reddish color (not drawn to actual size, just an estimate, and not including the states fully in red)
Capital city Caddia City
Largest city Caddia City
Religion Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and pretty much anything else
Short name Caddia
Demonym Caddian
Government Democracy
- President Ari T.
- Vice President Trevor
- Head of the Ministry of Economy Trevor
- Head of the Ministry of Laws Ari T.
- Type - unicameral
Established January 8th, 2018 (Fun Fact: This is the same day as Emperor Norton I day)
Area claimed 1.25 acres
Population 37 population in total
15 citizens
22 residents
Currency United States dollar
Caddan Dollars (CD) and Caddan Coins (CC)
Time zone UTC -7 (Caddian Standard Time) UTC -6 (Caddian Daylights Time)
National sport Horse
National drink Caddian Cocoa
National animal Cat

Official Site

Caddia, officially the Federal Republic of Caddia, is a self-declared sovereign state located in Monterey, California. Caddia is divided into five provinces. Caddia has 25 citizens and 29 people in total as of the C.D.C (Caddian Database Center) Population Census of 2019. Ari Telford declared Caddia sovereign on January 8, 2018.

The government of Caddia is a Federal Republic. The constitution ([1]) says that there will be 4 provinces.

The economy of Caddia relies mostly on the Caddans in circulation. A souvenir booth is being worked on.

Caddia is somewhat developed, and gets their imports from grocery stores.

The military in Caddia is good enough for the threats they've faced. It definitely couldn't stand an invasion from the U.S., but the military is good . Caddian is used to talk about people from Caddia.



Caddia is formed The constitution of Caddia is approved.

During October of the same year, the president met with Kevin Baugh of Molossia. During this visit Caddia also claimed a small island off the coast of Lake Tahoe


Caddia celebrates it's first independence day, marking it's 1 year anniversary. In February, it was announced that Caddia would have a Queen. This queen would be for ceremonial purposes only (just like the Queen of England) and has no authority besides getting protection from the Army during public gatherings. Due to Caddia's affiliation with cats, Joon (a new kitten that the president recently got) was named queen.


The area of Caddia is 1.25 acres. That's about 0.001 square miles. As of now, there's no satellite areas of Caddia. It's located in the Monterey, California area. The Samher province is completely indoors, except for a deck area. The Awhon province is the backyard of Ari's property. The Olips province is an off branch of the Yuclai province. Yuclai is mainly dry.


Caddia has a overall fair climate. Caddia is in the middle of a drought right now. Rain hasn't come for more than 4 months now. In fall, Caddia gets nice breezes. In Winter, it can be windy and sunny. In spring, it's sunny, same in summer.

Parts of Caddia

Caddia is split into Provinces, States, Subs, and Territories. Provinces are parts of Caddia that have a representative. They have to follow federal law. They can not succeed from Caddia. Subs are "parts" of Caddia that are treated as a independent part, but are controlled by the Caddian government. Subs can not be annexed, don't have to follow federal law, and can succeed. States are parts of Caddia that can succeed, don't have to follow federal law, but can be annexed. They are very similar to Subs. Territories are parts of Caddia that are not connected to the main part of Caddia. They have to follow federal law, but can succeed. There's also cities and counties. Each province is split up into counties. Those counties then get split up into cities. Subs and States don't have to follow this system. Counties don't have governments.


Provinces of Caddia
Name Citizens Area (acre) Establishment Leader Cities
Olips 1 N/A January 8, 2018 Ari T.
  • Lopsil
Autonomous Province of Caddia City 4 N/A January 8, 2018 Ari T.
  • Caddia City
Awhon 5 N/A January 8, 2018 Trevor
  • Arino
Samher Sometimes 2 people, which happens when people are lodged in the Ensbury Motel (Caddia treats it's guests like citizens) N/A January 8, 2018 Ari T. and Trevor
  • Ensbury
  • Eyving
Yuclai Territory 1 N/A January 8, 2018 Ari T.
  • Lonston Memorial Park
  • Osfur
Lindor Exclave 9 About 2.1 February 15, 2018 Trevor
  • Brawny Town
  • Brawny City
  • New Fort Ord
Tresfor Exclave 1 N/A February 15, 2018 Evelyn
  • Lemon Tree Orchard
  • Benstin
New Lindorvian Exclave 4 N/A February 1, 2019 Trevor
  • New Fort Brawny
  • Gusford
Little Island 0 N/A October 13, 2018 Ari T.
  • Little Island City
  • North Point
  • Little Rock
  • Galago Cavern

Formation of the C.E.P.M.

The Caddian Envrionmental Protection Ministry was formed on February 14, 2018. It was formed with a 89% approval rating by the Chamber of Laws. With its foundation, several environmental laws were put in place including one that regulated plastic bag pollution and the formation of trash collectors in major cities.

How to Make Caddian Cocoa

Caddian Cocoa is a special term for how cocoa is served in Caddia. First get some milk and fill up a mug to almost at the top. Put it in microwave for a minute and a half. Take out, and put in cocoa powder. Add whipped cream, and one big marshmallow.

Recognized Countries

Every major country, Molossia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Custosia


The CSAPIO (Caddian Spy Agency and Private Intel Organization) was founded 8/26/2018 with a 98% approval rating from the Chamber of the Laws. On the same day, a spy drone was tested with results ending in failure (the full report was disclosed but leaked to the public in CSAPIO Whistle blower Disaster. This is as much as there is about the CSAPIO, as most of it is in secrecy.