Federal Meteorological Agency (Nemkhavia)

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Federal Meteorological Agency



Established 26 November, 2017
Micronation Nemkhav Federation
Nicknames FEDMET
President Marka Mejakhansk
Director Vacant, currently overseen by Office of the President
General Information
Headquarters Astor Impora, Central Nemkhavia
Active personnel 1

The Federal Meteorological Agency of the Nemkhav Federation, also known as FEDMET, is an agency of the Federal Government with responsibility for weather forecasting, warning and research. It was founded in 2017 as part of long-term plans to increase the Federation's responsiveness to major weather events. The agency provides localised weather forecasts and warnings for all Member States using data from various macronational weather services.


The Federal Meteorological Agency was founded during the winter of 2017 following periods of severe weather. It was realised that the Federation lacked proper lines of communication for weather forecasting, an issue which had the potential to become a major problem should further Member States join the Federation. Up to that point, weather forecasting had been done on an ad-hoc basis by the State Government of the Central Nemkhav Republic as it was the only active Member State and thus the only territory in need of such information.

Forecasting Information

The agency draws its information from a number of official sources as well as domestic information-gathering efforts. These include Met Éireann, the Republic of Ireland's weather service, and the United Kingdom's Met Office.