Federal Kingdom of Yttia

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The Federal Kingdom of Yttia was proclaimed on June 14, 2010 after the Yttian Federation underwent issues with its Government, which resulted in it's dissolution. Since the FKY is technically the Yttian Federation, it is the official successor state.

The Federal Kingdom of Yttia
Hail the King!
Official language(s) English
Capital Yttia- Terralis
Date founded June 14th 2010
Number of citizens 15
Number of active citizens 3
Government Federal Democracy/ Constitutional Monarchy.
Current leader King James
National animal Baryonyx, Snake, Badger, Mongoose.


The Viceroyalty

The FKY began as the Viceroyalty of Lancastria in April 2010, it was an attempt to create a completely facebook based Micronation. The King, James the First, believed that the Internet based country could shoot to fame easily, Due to it's humurous and easygoing nature. Unfortunately the country wasn't popular with the public, Leading to a long period of stagnation which devastated the country, and thus the country never properly developed. So it was eventually dissolved.

The Kingdom

Following the failure of Lancastria, the King, James the First. Created the Kingdom of Lancastria as a successor state to the Viceroyalty. The Kingdom was far more serious in it's intent, aiming to become a full fledged nation. The king told his friends about the project, and persuaded them to join the country. The country was renamed the Federal Republic of Lancastria, and the new members of the Government tried to decide on an official name. Eventutally, they decided on Yttia, and a new country was born.

The Yttian Federation

The Yttian Federation was the last incarnation before the refoorm, and was the most successful. It had five provinces under it's control, and at least eleven to thirteen people living in it's borders. The Federation was the only Micronation in the village of Ashby, and therefore controled all micronations in the area.