Federal Democratic Republic of Anglia

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Federal Democratic Republic of Anglia

Official language(s) English

The Federal Democratic Republic of Anglia is a European micronation, and is simulated.



Anglia declared independance from Belgium in 1860.

Belgian Wars

In Old Anglia, many wars with Belgium were fought. Belgium declared war on Anglia in 1867, the result was a Anglian victory. Many other Belgian Wars would follow, including a war with Germany, however the results were poor for Anglia.

German Rule

Germany invaded Anglia around 1896, and up until 1905, Anglia was under German rule. Many civil wars would follow, but the German Government of Anglia won every war.

Independance and Formation

Anglia won independance from Germany in 1905, and many citizens of Anglia wanted a free country, like that of America. This happended, and the Federal Democratic Republic of Angia or the FDRA was formed. Anglia backed Russia in the Russo-Japanese war of 1905, and supplied Russia with mass Weaponry. After Russia's loss, Anglia formed an alliance with Russia.

World War I and II

Anglia declared neutrality in World War I, but World War II was a different story. Anglia declared war on Germany in 1944, soon after D-Day. Anglia remained neutral until then. Anglia bombed Germany in 1945, and kept it's alliance with Russia.


Anglia became a part of Russia in late 1946, and remained a part of Russia until 1990. Anglia once again, was independant and free. By 2006, Anglia led the world in having the most famous artists.