Federal Bank of St.Charlie

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Federal Bank of St.Charlie
Italian: Banca Federale di St.Charlie
Federal bank of stcharlie logo.jpg
Headquarters: Staveley Palace,
London, United Kingdom
Established: 7 January 2009
Governor: Athlon Strauss
Central Bank of: Federal Republic of St.Charlie
Currency: Pianeta

The Federal Bank of St.Charlie (Italian: Banca Federale di St.Charlie) is the central bank of the Federal Republic of St.Charlie. Its legal name is Federal Reserve of St.Charlie. The central bank is governed under the Department of the Treasury.

The bank was unoficially established for printing Pianetas in December 2008. Following the nomination of the Department of the Treasury by Alexander Reinhardt in January 2009, the Federal Bank was officially founded by Minister of the Treasury Heinrich Schneider, with its headquarters in New Ridgeway. Later, the headquarters were moved to Staveley Palace, in West London.

In 2010 Schneider was succeded by Athlon Strauss.