Fascist Military Junta of Ecrossia

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The Fascist Military Junta of Ecrossia is a micronation founded on the 22nd of April 2010. The nation lays claim to Bir Tawil, an area that is bordered by Egypt and Sudan, which neither claims. It also claims Stoke Park Woods, Eastleigh, Hampshire, England and all land that isn't privately owned within 1km of the forest boundaries as a 'buffer zone'. Olympic Way, Fair Oak, Eastleigh is also claimed by the nation. It also claims Belguim as a potential Lebensraum, though it has a diplomatic policy to allow Flanders to join The Netherlands should Belguim fall to Ecrossia. The nation is run by 'Our glorious leader, BC I' and hopes to gain recognition as a fully-fledged state in the near future.

Territorial Claims

Ecrossia has claimed the Bir Tawil area between Egypt and Sudan. However it recognises other nations such as SRNA have similar claims for this territory, and hopes to work together with these nations as a federation to gain international recognition before splitting it into zones ruled by each individual nation. This is hoped to provide the country with its much needed living space or Lebensraum,

Ecrossia also claims Olympic Way, Fair Oak, Hampshire, England, as its territory, with BC I claiming that he is freeing the people from the hardship of Eastleigh Borough rule. However, he recognises that it is the people's right to choose whether they place their loyalty towards Ecrossia or Eastleigh. All households that accept themselves as Ecrossians, and join the fight for independence shall become Autonomous Departments of Ecrossia, therefore having full control of their land.

Stoke Park Woods (or El Bosque de Stoke Parque) also fall under Ecrossia's territorial claims. They claim the whole area, and are currently in guerilla conflict with 'The Forestry Commission' to drive them out of Ecrossia's cultural homeland. All land which isnt under private ownership within 1km of the forest falls under Ecrossian claim as a buffer zone to protect themselves from Eastleigh Borough Council.

Belguim currently lies on Ecrossian land and therefore is claimed by Ecrossia. However, should the conquest succeed, Ecrossia has stated that Flanders may merge with The Netherlands as he wants to forge a international relationship with Holland

Our Glorious Leader BC I

BC I currently withholds his full details and whereabouts as a security measure, due to the fact Ecossia has recently declared war on The Forestry Commission and is hostile to Eastleigh Borough Council. He also states that should the Green Party come to power, he could no longer co-operate with The United Kingdom.

Though his whereabouts are not fully known, it is claimed he currently resides somewhere in Olympic Way as he has claimed the territory as well as expressing sympathy for the suffering population of the area.