Fall of Chandril

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Fall of Chandril
Date6 February 2021

Expulsion of Chandril

Chandril Chandril Vishwamitra State of Vishwamitra
Commanders and leaders
Dinesh Rajagopalan Varuna Sriraya
Tanishkaa Patranabish
Stefan Marius Snagoveanu
David Augustus

The Fall of Chandril was a significant event in the history of Vishwamitra which took place on 6 February 2021 as an aftermath of several ongoing events in the special administrative territory of Chandril. The event led to the expulsion of the territory of Chandril from the Vishwamitran union and its subsequent claim of sovereignty on 1 March 2021 as the Kingdom of Indradhanush, now known as the Kingdom of Lowenia.


After rounds of deliberations between the State of Vishwamitra and the former Republic of Lowenia, the latter merged into Vishwamitra on 18 October 2020 attaining the status of a special administrative territory despite efforts from the nation's former President Dinesh Rajagopalan to merge it into Vishwamitra with the same status of a royal state. The merger of Lowenia into Vishwamitra took place on 18 October 2020 with the signing of the Treaty of Chandril which conferred the status of a special administrative territory on the former territories of Lowenia. The new region was to be known as Chandril at the proposal of Dinesh Rajagopalan, who was subsequently appointed as Administrator of Chandril. As an act of appointment, the Rashtradhyaksh appointed Administrator Dinesh Rajagopalan as a Grand Cross of the Order of the Vishwamitra, a Commander of the Order of the Lotus and a member of the Privy Council, despite the administrator's demands to be a member of the Conference of Rulers.

However, within weeks of the merger, tensions began to escalate between Rashtradhyaksh Varuna Sriraya and Administrator Dinesh Rajagopalan to tried his best to elevate himself to the same status of a royal state ruler or Rajpramukh. It also increased when the Rashtradhyaksh, as Sovereign of Chandril declined to grant his approval on several bills proposed by the administrator which included bills to establish a memorial structure and museum of artworks done by the administrator himself and the creation of a toy train network. It was in mid-December 2020 when the Administrator, claiming to be fed up with the actions of the Sovereign, declared self-independence of Chandril but moments later begged pardon of his action. The administrator's removal from the Privy Council due to some of his notorious actions in his official capacity also contributed to his anger against the sovereign, though he was later re-appointed on 1 January 2021.

The sovereign had also rejected to approve the creation of the administrator's birthday on 1 December as a state holiday but inclined on approving the creation of the Order of Chandril which was to be bestowed at the administrator's proposal. With the first ennoblements made to the peerage of Vishwamitra, Administrator Dinesh Rajagopalan was made Count of Calton yet to his displeasure as he to be ennobled to the same status of then Foreign Minister Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu who was made Duke of Entrosinhos.

Events of 5 February

The events of 5 February 2021 were turning events in the strained relations between the two leaders, both of whom were editors on MicroWiki. The main article on the State of Vishwamitra on MicroWiki which became a good article in December 2020, was vandalised by administrator Dinesh Rajagopalan using one of his alt accounts by removing all information from the page. This also led to him being banned from the site. Such actions were termed as move to remove national information and thus a punishable offense in terms of national laws. Within moments of his actions being caught, Dinesh Rajagopalan was removed as the Administrator and stripped of all his titles and honours within the nation and granted with the status of a persona non grata which was due to expire after two months. Dinesh Rajagopalan was also removed from the Vishwamitran national discord server in fear of vandalism and raiding.

Subsequent events

Microballs depicting the incident, made by Stefan Marius Snagoveanu.

The next day, on 6 February, the government of caretaker Prime Minister Ștefan Marius Snagoveanu adopted the resolution to expel Chandril as a special administrative region and that it shall be recognized as a part of the Republic of India. Subsequently, the Order of Chandril was considered to be dormant.

In the next few days, cabinet ministers David Augustus and Thomas Bainbridge were made moderators on the national discord server to tighten anti-raiding mechanism in fear of the former administrator using alt accounts to get in. On 7 February, one Andris Kalņins reached out to the Rashtradhyaksh with the offer to serve as Vishwamitra's Ambassador to the Republic of Latvia and submitted certain evidentiary documents verifying such claims and was subsequently appointed as the Ambassador. However, it was to the shock of many that the former Administrator had tried to sock-puppet the identity of a Latvian national to enter the server and get into the diplomatic staff. Following his exposure as a sock-puppet, Rajagopalan was re-expelled from the server and tried under the National Security Act of 2020 and to be created as a national threat.

In the meantime, Rajagopalan had reached out to the GUM, of which Vishwamitra is a member-nation, and filed a court case against his revocation of citizenship and titles in Vishwamitra and appointment of persona non grata status. However, upon mediation the case was taken back. As the parliament had been dissolved, the Rashtradhyaksh through his discretionary power approved the Persona Non Grata Act, 2021 which further increased the punishment status of the former administrator, who had also tried to establish an anti-Vishwamitran stand forcing his former aide Ava Calero, another Vishwamitran figure to take a similar stand as his.

On 1 March 2021, Dinesh Rajagopalan established the Kingdom of Indradhanush and proclaimed himself as King. In the following week, Stefan Marius Snagoveanu became Prime Minister for a full term. With Dinesh Rajagopalan's term as a persona non grata nearing an end on 4 April 2021, a motion was made on 2 April 2021 before the Council of Ministers by then Home Minister Farhaz Hazarika which proposed the extension of the persona non grata status of the former administrator by another eight months, until December 2021. The motion was unanimously passed and gazetted.


The establishment of Indradhanush and its efforts to establish relations with several nations which included many allies of Vishwamitra, such as Theodia, New Athens, Snagov, etc. led to diplomatic rift with Vishwamitra. In one such event, King Dinesh Rajagopalan suddenly abdicated in April 2021 abruptly naming Michal Nowacki, then Defence Minister of Vishwamitra as his successor, however minutes later Nowacki declined to accept such position. Rajagopalan continued to harass many citizens of Vishwamitra which included forcibly naming many such as Ava Calero, Rory Leonard to multiple positions in Indradhanush without prior consultation with them.

However, calls to forgive him and revoke his status as persona non grata became to intensify by the months of July and August 2021 when notable micronationalists, Liam Alexander, Daniel Hamilton, etc. asked the Rashtradhyaksh and the government of Vishwamitra to forgive Dinesh Rajagopalan of his actions. In the same time, parliamentarian Jayden Dagsa moved a motion banning Rajagopalan from entering Vishwamitra as a threat was proposed in the House of the People which received widespread criticism from many including ministers and privy councillors, which even led to Dagsa taking back the bill. Later the same day, the Rashtradhyaksh through a special notification revoke Dinesh Rajagopalan of his status as a persona non grata and allowed him to opt for citizenship but in the same time barred him from entering from politics under the election rules.

Dinesh Rajagopalan was appointed as Consul-General in South India on 22 September 2021 and was bestowed with a state honour during the Autumn List of Honours 2021. The People's Party of Vishwamitra was re-established under Rajagopalan a month prior to the November general election but soon was banned due to its involvement in scandals involving non-citizens in affairs of the party. By the time the ban was revoked, the process of filling of nominations of the ongoing election was over but soon after the election, the newly appointed Leader of the Opposition and Green Socialist Party Chair David Brooke tried to coerce the ruling party and having being found of his actions relinquished his citizenship. Following his relinquishment of citizenship, Rajagopalan became the Chair of the party succeeding Brooke and also contested the by-election in December but soon involved himself in similar scandals which involved non-citizens in party administration. In the same time, Vishwamitra which had earlier recognized Indradhanush decided to revoke the recognition having found that the nation have been administered solely as a discord or online nation which violated the National Foreign Policy. On 12 December 2021, Dinesh Rajagopalan relinquished all his positions, titles, and citizenship in Vishwamitra, thus putting in end to the entire event.