Republic of Agnorr

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Republic of Agnorr
New Agnorr Flag.png Agnorr Seal.png
Flag Coat of arms
National Anthem:
Equestrian Anthem
Always Faithful / Fasyawla Falufhtiaf
Leaders President: Paco Velazquez
Capital Capital District

Official languages English

Demonym Agnorrian

Government Collective leadership
–Ruling Party Democratic

– First Foundation 15 September 2010
– Established as a micronation 15 September 2010
- Dissolved 1 January 2013
– Citizens Population::22

Currency Agnorr State Credit
Official Document Passport

Time zone UTC-5
Country Code Ag, R-ag

Public Holiday 16 September
Religion None

Internet TDL .net .org .com

Drives on the Right

Date formats Holocene calendar



Agnorr, officially the Republic of Agnorr, is a landlocked country located in the Eastern part of North America. Agnorr's current capital is the Capital District, which is also its most densely populated district. The Republic of Agnorr is bordered by the Delaware River and the United States.

Agnorr comprises of seven districts and two military districts.

Agnorr become an independent state on September 16, 2010. It is a GUM member state and was a former member of both IMTO and the Organisation of Active Micronations.

Following a secular and democratic governmental policy Agnorr currently has one honorary citizen and 21 permanent residents, with some involved in government careers. Agnorr has diplomatic communications with ten micronations with two currently defunct. The nation is ruled by one president with other government roles to help govern each separate district.

Agnorr makes itself out to be as a democratic, secular, partly socialist micronation. There is one opposition party; the Democratic Party. Elections are held bi-annually for premiers and senators but once every 4 years for the roles of President and Vice President. The area that is now Agnorr used to be an area of large farmland and even earlier before that Lenni Lenape Indians lived around the area.


Following various immigrations from different countries people with jobs such as farmers moved to Agnorr because of its promising features.

Pre-micronational history

New Sweden

Pre-history can be traced back to 1682 when William Penn purchased the land around Philadelphia from the Native Americans who inhabited the area. Before the purchase Pennsylvania Europeans and various Indian tribes such as the Lenni Lenape, Iroquois, Shawnee, and various others. Many of the tribes were driven off or reduced to remnants as a results of the European colonization.

After the land was purchased many Dutch and Swedish settlers came to live in the Delaware River basin. The new area was called Nya Svergie (New Sweden). New Sweden was almost entirely made up of Swedish settlers but towards the end of the colonization it became more mixed between Swedes and Finns.

On March 4, 1681, Charles II of England granted a land tract to William Penn for the area that now includes Pennsylvania because of a £16,000 debt the King owed to Penn's father. Penn then founded a colony there as a place of religious freedom for Quakers, and named it for the Latin sylvania meaning "woods". A large tract of land north and west of Philadelphia, in Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware Counties, was settled by Welsh Quakers and called the "Welsh Tract". A large amount of cities and towns today bear the names of Welsh municipalities.

The colony's reputation of religious freedom also attracted significant populations of German and Scots-Irish settlers who helped to shape colonial Pennsylvania and later went on to populate the neighboring states further west.

On Dec. 12, 1787 Pennsylvania was granted statehood. In the years to come the area would go through the Civil War fighting for the freedom of slaves, and then faced the financial hardships of the Great Depression. As large amounts of people immigrated areas were urbanized for buildings and homes, creating the present day area.

Early History

Early September of 2010 the current President Zachary S. was reading about Sealand, Mollasia, Hutt River and Freeland Christiana. He read on how to create your own micronation and liked the idea of how you could govern your own nation with your own citizens. On September 15th, 2010 the three original founders wrote a small constitution.

Agnorr started with a president and six citizens, and went through many changes during its early months. The constitution was complete after much revising and editing. Agnorr changed itself into an elective monarchy with Zachary S. as the leading monarch. Around 6 months after foundation Agnorr had its first contact with another micronation. They had their first diplomatic talk and started relations with this micronation. Shortly after they told the young country about the MicroWiki.

Activity started off slow with just an introduction and some talks with other micronations. Eventually they managed to get accepted into OAM and Zach ran for IMCL Justice and got around 15% of the vote. In the 2nd quarter of 2011 Agnorr went inactive and almost was forgotten by citizens. In the early third quarter they resumed activity by having government meetings at Fort Adam. In the late third quarter they had gotten accepted into IMTO but remain inactive in it till this day.

Government and Politics

The government of Agnorr is a democratic nation, with secular positions in its actions and only 1 party forms the government. The Agnorrian Government does not protect any certain political party as it would be unfair to any other political party. The leader of the opposition in the Agnorr Congress is the mother of the President which is the Republican Party. The Government focuses on being a friendly one to both other micronations, macronation citizens and its own citizens.

Political parties

As of August 2011 citizens can register under a political party.

  • Unregistered - 8 members
  • Democratic Socialists - 7 members
  • Democratic 4 members
  • Republican 1 member

Government Agencies

Agnorrian Postal Service

The Agnorr postal service is made up of mail-carriers whom are instructed not to stop until they deliver the mail. The Agnorr Postal Service sends mail to all citizens in cases of emergency.

Agnorrian Space Program

The Agnorrian Space Program was founded as a colatteral effort to expand Agnorr's shuttle program. Our first rocket was named "The Hawk," because of its speed and agility. It first launched on February 18th, 2011, in the Neshaminy District. It may not make it into a very deep, deep, distant realm but it will teach Agnorrian scholars and students more about Rocket science. It is our top priority to become an educated nation, and that is one reason why the Hawk was made. There are future plans to launch either a bigger rocket, or a weather balloon for atmospheric data collection.

Royal Bank of Agnorr, and the Penndollar

The Royal Bank of Agnorr was founded right before the creation of the Penndollar. The royal bank gives jobs to everyday-normal citizens. They also work together with the mint. The first Penndollar was issued and put into circulation in Mid-February 2011. As of the time, there has been Series 1 Penndollars, and 2 types of Series 2011 Penndollars. As of January 3rd, 2012 Agnorr has switched currencies to the Agnorr State Credit.

Agnorrian Wildlife Preservation

The Agnorrian Wildlife Preservation every protects animals, fish, and birds, and all other types of wildlife on Agnorrian Soil. They Lake Leisure is stocked yearly with wildife. Many animals appear on Agnorrian Soil daily. One of them is the dove, found around Lake Leisure for some relaxation. Also found is the earthworm, but not seen very often, but not to forget and mosquitoes, bumblebees, and other types of birds besides the dove.

Customs and Border Control

The Customs and Border Control is for. Personnel for AGCBC patrol all borders were illegal immigration may be made. The borders are protected 24/7 by hard-working professionals.

Government Positions

There are 4 main positions in the government of Agnorr with the President having the highest role. The next most powerful person is the Vice-President, then the Premiers, then the Senate and finally the Supreme Court.


The President is the head of the Executive Branch of the Agnorrian Government. He signs all the bills and laws passed by the Senate. He also has the power to pardon any citizen as well as veto any bill the senate passes. The President is elected every 4 years but can serve as long as the citizens see fit. He can be impeached if the Senate holds a vote and the result is 2/3 of the senators want him impeached. If this happens the VP takes office.

Vice President

The VP is selected by the President during his election race. If the President is impeached, dies, or refuses to work then the President will take office. If the VP dies, or refuses to work then the Senate will hold an election. The Vice-President serves as long as the President unless the above happens.


Premiers are the Head Senators as well as the Representatives of their district. The citizens vote for the Premier in their district and only their district. An election for premiers is held every 2 years but premiers can serve up to 3 terms.


The Senate passes the laws in Agnorr. A law can be passed inside Fort Adam with at least 3 of the 5 Senators showing up. If a law is passed the president must sign it into law. An election for senators is held every 2 years but senators can serve up to 3 terms.

Supreme Court

If the local court can not decide on a decision or if the crime is at the federal level the supreme court will hold a trial. The Supreme Court is made up of 2 judges who have been elected by the citizens. An election for Supreme Court Justices is held every 2 years but they can serve up to 3 terms.

Law and order

The police force of Agnorr consists of elected state officials. If an officer abuses his power then he will banned from seeking another job as an officer, or in a government role. They follow the laws that have been signed into law and keep the citizens safe. There is only 1 officer in the international branch of the department and 1 in the Capital District since there isn't a lot of crime that is reported.


Laws are passed inside of Fort Adam with at least 3 members of the senate there to pass the laws. Senate members can suggest whatever they want and each member of the senate takes a vote, negative or positive (yes or no.) If the suggestion or law gets more positive votes than negative, it is passed.

Laws Passed

  • The official national anthem is the Flying Toaster Song from "After Dark."
  • Lucky is the Supreme Trash eater of Agnorr, and the Duchess along with Duke Rayo I.
  • The first name "Rhys" is illegal in the Capital District.
  • Cats and Dogs counts as citizens if owned by a citizen.
  • If Fort Adam is ever unavailable to the militia of Agnorr, Fort Sean is used as an alternative when needed.
  • The Senate & President can break the law if the citizens' lives are at risk.
  • If a law is broken the senate has the right to vote if the criminal will receive the death penalty.
  • The death penalty is also decided by the senate, and one of the options is the "Wrecking Ball" where the criminal sits in front of a punching bag while it swings fast and hits them in the face.
  • Duggans Law is passed. Dedicated with the name Duggan for all the victims of the 2011 England Riots. It is declared in an extreme emergency.
  • New National Anthem is the Morrowing Theme
  • Agnorr becomes a Collective Leadership


Recognized Micronations

These nations as well as the friends and allies of Agnorr are the only micronations recognized




Like many micronations Agnorr has no military. It has been suggested by the Defense Minister that they have Militia training and get citizens to enlist but the idea was rejected. Agnorr has never waged war but have a list of plans if they are attacked. If ever attacked Agnorr would go into Dugans Law and all citizens would report to Fort Adam.


Snowstorm in Agnorr

Under the Köppen climate classification most of Agnorr's districts fall into the northern periphery of the humid subtropical climate zone (Köppen Cfa). Summers are typically hot and muggy, fall and spring are generally mild, and winter is cold. Snowfall is variable, with some winters bringing only light snow and others bringing several major snowstorms. The average annual snowfall is 19.3 cm. Precipitation is generally spread throughout the year, with eight to twelve wet days per month.

The January average is 32.3 °F, though lows at times reach 10 °F, not including wind chill, and highs may soar above 50 °F. July averages 77.6 °F, although heat waves accompanied by high humidity are frequent with highs above 95 °F and even higher heat indices. Early fall and late winter are generally driest, with October being the driest month by average daily precipitation, averaging 2.76 in for the month.


The main way of buying things in Agnorr is state credits due to the socialist-like government. There are no economic classes in Agnorr since everyone is the same. The Agnorr State Credit has never been used before which means Agnorr has no real economy. This is due to the fact that no citizen has ever asked for or wanted an Agnorr State Credit. Agnorr does have one export that being home-made paper. Only two old Penndollar's have ever been printed by the government. The Agnorr State Credit is backed by flour and salt.


Sports are very popular in Agnorr with many citizens favorite sport being football or hockey. Tea drinks are also very popular including regular hot tea, herbal tea and iced tea (Arizona brand being the favorite). The bands Flobots and Foster the People are the most popular bands in Agnorr. Agnorr has no trade partners since the nearest micronation is around 25 miles away.


As stated above sports are extremely popular in Agnorr with favorites being ice hockey and football. The local football team is the MLS Team Philadelphia Union and the Agnorrian National Football Team. The Agnorrian National Football Team will most likely be taking part in the 2014 MFA America Cup since they are members of the MFA. The President hopes that Agnorr will make it passed the quarterfinals and hopes that they can win it all.

Agnorr is also a virtual rugby powerhouse being ranked #2 in the world in the Micronational Virtual Rugby Association. In 2011 they fell to Eragia in the final of the 2011 Micronational Virtual Rugby World Cup final.

National Holidays

Date English Name
1 January New Year's Day
1 April April Fools Day
21 May National Toast Day
July 6th Frosteri Day
24 November Thanksgiving Day (US)
19 September Talk Like a Pirate Day
9 October Leif Erikson Day
25 December Christmas
31 December New Years' Eve

National Facts


Agnorr consists of eight districts with eight being in the United States and one being in the United Kingdom. In total Agnorr has around 4 miles² of territory, 25% of it being water.

Pennypack District
  • Capital District - A mainly urban area located in the heart of Agnorr. The population of the Capital District is 15.
  • Fort Adam - Urban area where Fort Adam is located. This district is operated by the military and government. The Population of Fort Adam is two.
  • Fort Sean - Like Fort Adam, Fort Sean is run by the military and government. The Population of Fort Sean is one.
  • Roger District - This district is located in England. Home to the Police Chief and Thai Food. The Population of Roger District is 1.
  • Arsenal District - A park located along a river. It is mainly used to fish and for recreation. There is no permanent population in the Arsenal District.
  • Neshaminy District - A park which is used to conduct tests by ASP. There is no permanent population in the Neshaminy District.
  • Farednuht Fadnalsi - A small district which is an island. There is no permanent population in Farednuht Fadnalsi.
  • Pennypack District - A park with a creek and a biking trail over 5 miles long.
  • Stars Metropolitan District - Located near Toronto, ON, CA it is the first district in Canada. The Population is 1.


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