Faction System of Estremitá

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Faction System of Estremitá
Estremitá Flag.jpg
National flag

Fazione prima di anima (Italian: Faction Before Blood)
Estremitá Map.png
Ohio, United States
Capital cityGalion
Largest cityMansfield
Official language(s)English
GovernmentFaction System
- Estremitá LeaderKyle Williams
LegislatureAbnegation Council
Established20 May 2014
Area claimed1389.8 sq mi
Population14 (as of 2015 census)
CurrencyUS Dollar ($)
National sportAmerican Football
National animalDeer

Government website

The Faction System of Estremitá is a micronation founded on 20 May 2014.


Estremitá's original name was Terminus. But in early September 2014, General Kyle Williams convinced Abnegation leader Dakota Wiggins to change the name of Terminus to Estremitá to get more respect.


Early Estremitá

In 2011, Katlyn Williams read the book Divergent and wondered what society would be like in the faction system. So her and a friend she met on a book website who went by the name Alice Darksyde planned an experiment. Sadly, Katlyn died on 16 May 2013 and didn't get to see her dream realized. But her brother, Kyle Williams, took charge of the project with Alice and a year later turned it into a micronation. Towards late May and early June, things started getting tense between the government and Alice. During the last week of May 2014, Kyle overheard Alice's plan to overthrow Aaron Stewart from Candor leadership and the Abnegation from national leadership. Councilor Wiggins, Representative Stewart, and General Williams tried and sentenced her within 30 minutes. Alice was to be exiled from Terminus. A week into her exile, Alice came back with followers she called Darksyders. On 4 June 2014, Alice and the Darksyders started rebelling against the government. The Darksyde Rebellion lasted until 19 July 2014 when Alice disappeared. Without a leader the Darksyde troops surrendered. Alice reappeared in mid August and surrendered.

The Nazi Conflict

Also around that time a Nazi Micronation named Nazi Galion had contacted General Williams saying that they had made North Galion their territory. Hanz Bausch was their leader. Bausch told General Williams that unless Terminus formally recognized that North Galion was the Nazis they would declare war on Terminus. During the month of September, Councilor Wiggins approved the national name change to Estremitá. Nazi Galion and Estremitá entered negotiations to try and preserve Estremitá Galion. By the end of the negotiations, Nazi Galion only had North-West Galion in their control. After the negotiations, Councilor Wiggins learned his girlfriend, Candor Member Liana Carothers, was living in Nazi Territory. Councilor Wiggins ordered General Williams to invade. General Williams refused because he had a plan to liberate North-West Galion. On 29 September 2014, the Dauntless launched an attack on Nazi Galion and started the Nazi Galion-Estremitá War. Towards the end of this war, Councilor Wiggins resigned from the Abnegation due to stress and became a Dauntless leader. Towards the very end of the war, Amity Representative Zakai Edgington resigned from Amity and became a Dauntless leader. The Nazi Galion-Estremitá War ended on 17 November 2014 when Bausch surrendered and fled to Columbus, Ohio.

During the Interwar Period, the Dauntless Council temporarily took control of the main government and started the Estremitá Leadership Committee. Kristopher Williams, General Williams's brother, joined the nation and scored Amity on his aptitude test. Kristopher Williams joined Amity and became Representative Williams. This ended the Dauntless control of the Amity faction. Towards the end of the Interwar Period, the Leadership Committee passed the Restoration Act, which allowed Faction Leaders to retake the Aptitude Test if they wished to try and jump-start every faction in Estremitá. After this Act passed, General Williams took the test and scored Abnegation. He then became Councilor Kyle Williams instead of General. Damarcus Moore of Erudite also retook the test and scored Candor, which put Erudite under Abnegation control until 18 March.A week before 17 March, General Wiggins received an email from Hanz stating that he remade his micronation in Columbus and the surrounding cities that he called Nazi Ohio and wanted a rematch against Councilor Williams. Councilor Williams refused until an inevitable war was close. On 15 March 2015, Councilor Williams learned that on 17 March Bausch would launch an attack on Estremita.

On 17 March, Councilor Williams launched an attack on Columbus known as the Battle of Columbus. This started a war that lasted only a day. Hanz surrendered and Nazi Ohio dissolved. Hanz told the Estremitá Government that he would never make another micronation. This ended the Nazi Conflict.

After-war Period

On 18 March 2015, Caleb Butler joined Erudite and became the possible leader. On 19 March 2015, Caleb became the leader of Erudite.

On 20 March 2015, Councilor Williams combined the Port Clinton, Catawba Island, and South Bass Island colonies into the Erie Province.

Operation Expansion

On 30 April 2015, Councilor Williams started a territorial expansion campaign he called Operation Expansion. Councilor Williams only released the first part of the plan to the public, which is claiming the territory in between main part of Estremitá and the Erie Province. On 13 May 2015, Councilor Williams annexed someone's failed attempt at creating a micronation. Councilor allowed the citizens to keep their culture until they settled down. Councilor Williams named this province Bantoon. Along with this province, the Estremitá annexed the towns of Oregon, Sylvania, Tiffin, Fremont, and Toledo. Toledo, Oregon, and Sylvania became the Northern Province.

The Beginning of the Nazareth Province

On 15 May 2015, the five citizens in the Bantoon Province emailed the government a petition to rename the Bantoon Province to the Nazareth Province. The group of citizens are under the leadership of a lady who uses the biblical pseudonym Lia. The government is yet to make a decision.

At 8:50 AM on 15 May 2015, the Bantoon Province was renamed the Nazareth Province. But the government decided to enforce their faction culture on the Province. This added tensions between the government and the Nazareth Province and resulted in the War Clock being moved closer to Midnight.

Losing a Province

On 15 May 2015, the Nazareth Province declared independence from Estremitá. They did this because the five citizens didn't want to be controlled by the faction culture of Estremitá. They started the Nazarene Revolution, lead by Lia, the pseudonym of the woman in control of the Nazarene. Councilor Williams granted Nazareth their independence on 18 May 2015 because Estremitá had to start preparing for possible war with Eulini.

Government and politics

National government and politics

The laws that are made for the entire nation are created by the Abnegation Council. The Abnegation Council runs the entire nation. In the council, there is a person who functions as the Council's Leader. The rest of the council functions as a Parliament. The Abnegation make decisions that will be better for the entire nation. The Abnegation run the Department of Commerce and the Department of State.

Amity government and politics

Every Amity member is in control of the Amity faction. They have a person as their Representative, which is basically the mouthpiece of Amity. They try to stay peaceful in any situation they can and try to remain neutral in any disagreement between factions, if one should occur. The Amity run the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Candor government and politics

The Candor are ran by a single leader. The Candor make their decisions based off of the truth. The Candor run the Department of Justice

Dauntless government and politics

The Dauntless are ran by a Council that consist of an odd number of people. They make decisions for the betterment of their faction. The Dauntless run the Department of Defense.

Erudite politics

The Erudite are ran by a single leader who has the highest IQ. The Erudite make their decisions based off of knowledge and facts. They run the Department for Science and Research and the Department of Education.

Law and order

The Candor are the Judicial System since they are the most honest faction. The Dauntless are the National Police Force.

Foreign relations


The Dauntless are the ones in control of the military. The military has different ranks. There is currently only one branch of the military which is the Army. The Abnegation Council have plans to start a Navy within a few years. The weaponry used in the military are Exploderz or Nerf guns and water balloons. The Dauntless are considering replacing the Exploderz and Nerfs with wooden swords and air-soft guns.

On 27 March 2015, Councilor Williams put a War Clock into effect. The War Clock is similar to the US Government's Doomsday Clock, except it counts down to the start of a war. The clock counts down by fives until there are 10 minutes to midnight, then it counts by one minute.

War Clock Countdown

27 March 2015: 1 hour until Midnight.

13 May 2015: 15 minutes until Midnight.

14 May 2015: 9 minutes until Midnight

15 May 2015: 7 minutes until Midnight.

15 May 2015: 1 minute until Midnight.


Past Conflicts

Darksyde Rebellion: 4 June 2014 – 19 July 2014

Nazi Galion-Estremitá War: 29 September 2014 – 17 November 2014

Second Nazi-Estremitá War: 17 March 2015

Current Conflicts

Nazarene Rebellion: 15 May 2015 – Present


The Abnegation are currently working on creating a food industry. As soon as this industry is created, the government would start exporting the food.


Every citizen is educated by how their faction is.


The government is currently working on creating a newspaper.


The flag symbolizes how all five factions work together to make the nation work and how the Abnegation hold the society together.

Version 1

This flag was but into place on 20 May 2014.

Estremitá Flag Version 1 (Inactive).jpg

Version 2

This version was put into effect on 30 March 2015 after joining the United Micronations.

Estremitá Flag.jpg


To contact the Government of Estremitá please use the following email.

Estremitá Government: estremitagovernment@mail.com

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