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FPYFF cover.jpg
Thumbnail of the song on SoundCloud.
Song by DJ Zeddy
Released3 June 2020
Recorded2 June 2020
New Leeds, New Eiffel
LabelZmusic Records
SongwriterDJ Zeddy

"Fuck [redacted] and yung foot fetish", also known as "FPYFF" when censored, is a gamflik diss track on the rappers [redacted] and Leon Montan under stage name "yung foot fetish", by New Eiffelic music artist Zed under his stage name "DJ Zeddy".[1] The song was a response to the feud between the rappers. The record label for the song, Zmusic Records, was responsible for the songs release on SoundCloud, whilst DJ Zeddy was solely responsible for the songs release onto YouTube. The song is DJ Zeddy's second ever explicit song, since it contains 106 instances of the word "fuck" or a variation of it.[2]

The song received mixed to negative reviews, some of whom appreciated its presentation and comedic feel and lyrics, while others pegged it as one of the way less impressive offerings of DJ Zeddy's catalogue, criticising it for its negative theme, overuse of profanities and heavily distorted signing and loud music, making it difficult to hear DJ Zeddy's voice. The song was promoted on MicroWiki@Discord, and released on YouTube on 3 June 2020, then arrived on SoundCloud on 5 June. The YouTube video was audio, and rendered with Renderforest. The song was composed on Apple's GarageBand. The song opened at eight on the New Eiffel Music Prediction (NEMP), then moved to third before disappearing from the list. The song has since been taken off of YouTube and SoundCloud.


[redacted] released a diss track on yung foot fetish on 1 June 2020.[3] yung foot fetish responded on 2 June with the song "fuck you", of him repeatedly saying 'fuck you'.[4] DJ Zeddy noticed this feud and decided to mock it by dissing them both in his song, which would be released on 3 June.


Release and reception

The song arrived on SoundCloud on 5 June.[5]


The song contains 106 instances of the word "fuck" or a variation of it.


Fuck, fuck, fuck
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck

yung foot fetish, a fucking socialist
But I do not see ya fucking starving (oof)
[redacted], his fucking brain must be an endless pit (burned)
yung foot fetish, grow the fuck up
What if your fucking mom overheard you repeating "fuck you" (fuck)
[redacted], fuck
I would like to kick you in the fucking teeth
But why the fuck should I improve your fucking look?

Fuck, a fucking fucker, fucking fuckerd
Fuckets, fuckalls, fuckwits, motherfuckers
Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck fuck
[DJ Zeddy than continues to repeat the f word or a variation of it 66 more times]


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