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Federation of Intermicronations & Independent Football Associations
Official flag of FIIFA.
Headquarter Pé, Pérsico

Official language(s) Spanish & English

Members Micronations & Independent Football Associations

Incumbent Chairman(s) Bandera El Dorado.PNG Estado Social de El Dorado
President Luis Felipe Lugo

Foundation April 11, 1999 (FISA)
Objective Encompasses micronationalism and marginalized regions of the world, demonstrating that football unites the passion of people and crosses borders.

Officially Federation of Intermicronations and Independent Football Associations, (FIIFA by acronym) is a football organization, that aims to achieve its mission to develop the rules and the formats around micronational football. The FIIFA has been organising their own championship called the Micronations World Cup since 2016. In 2020, the FIIFA decided to organise the Micronations World Cup every 3 years, starting in 2023.

After the renaming of FISA to FIIFA, it was also decided to adopt the unification of the International Women's Cup in the same way, and in 2018 the edition of the tournament was adapted to micronations creating the Women's Micronations World Cup even though it is still organized every four years, Even after the 2022 edition, it will be played every 3 years just like its male omologist.


Founded in 1999, under the name of FISA (Federation Internationale de Soccer Association), it is the largest football association both at a national and international level. It created a prominent football tournament known as the "International Cup". In 2016, a separate organisation was founded called the "Micronations World Cup", which would initially be a separate tournament. However, in 2018 the unification of both tournaments was officially announced. From 2018 to 2019 both organisations traded the name of FIFAM (Federation International of Football Association & Micronations), organizing only the 2019 World Cup.

Currently, the FIIFA has the mission of managing football at an international level both for micronations and for independent football associations that wish to collaborate for the development of football, thus having subdivisions at the regional level and with a president for each one.


List of Competitions

Competition Last edition Current Champion
Micronations World Cup Germax Flag.jpg Parisigrad 2020 Rino-Island-flag.jpg Rino Island
Women's Micronations World Cup Uruguay.png Uruguay 2018 Uruguay.png Uruguay
Continental Competition Last edition Current Champion
Copa América de Micronaciones Pé Pérsico 2021 Bandera El Dorado.PNG El Dorado

Council FIIFA

The FIIFA Council is the internal body in charge of directing the FIIFA, it is made up of a President, Vice-Presidents and a General Secretary.

FIIFA Ranking

Red Cola Sponsor of the FIIFA Micronational Ranking.

The FIIFA World Ranking (oficially named FIIFA/Red-Cola Micronations World Ranking) is a ranking system for FIIFA Members for Men´s football, since 2016.

This System is based on the results of the matches between the national teams. the system only counts the results from the Micronations World Cup and the Copa América de Micronaciones to the Micronations of America and for Europe the Micronations World Cup, and the friendly matches. The system is composed only with a simple mathematic equation.

  • P= Total Points (Victory= 3pts, Draw= 1pt, Loss=1)
  • MS= Match Status (Friendlies= x1.0 || WC Qualifiers or Continental Cup Qualifiers= x2.5 || Continental Cup= x3.0 || WC Finals= x4.0)
  • OS= Opponent Strength (50 minus Number of the rank possition divided by 2)
  • RS= Regional Strength (South America= 1.00 || Europe= 0.99 || Rest of Confederations= 0.85

The equation will be P=(P)(MS)(OS)(RS)

Of the 35 FIIFA member micronations, only 27 have been ranked, which are the same ones that have had any participation in official competitions

Rankings as of 17 May 2021.
Rank Change Team Points
1 Bandera El Dorado.PNG El Dorado 10800
2 Sirmanea.PNG Sirmanea 9408
3 Rino-Island-flag.jpg Rino Island 5808
4 Pé Pérsico 2700
5 Yh4e8OST.jpg Schykille 2700
6 Nueva Esparta.jpg Nueva Esparta 2028
7 Dd6cizz3.jpg Sangheili Union 1452
8 Imperio de Europa.jpg Imperio De Europa 1040
9 AAbacia.jpg AAbacia 972
10 Vladivaskaya.jpg Vladivazcaya 608
11 Litzenburg.jpeg Litzenburg 432
12 Reino Iberio.jpg Reino Iberio Unido 435
13 Undrgastaas.jpg Undrgastaas 300
14 Drof final.png Fairfax 291
15 Germax Flag.jpg Parisigrad 244
16 Flag of the Cheskgariyan-Litvanian Commonwealth.svg Cheskgariyan-Litvanian 129
17 Example.png Gardeland 129
18 FIIFA.png Silva 129
19 Guanduania flag.png Guanduania 85
20 CoriaFlag.png Coria 43.2
21 Damazia Flag.png Damazia 43.2
22 FIIFA.png Ermestein 43.2
23 FIIFA.png Fickland 43.2
24 FIIFA.png Pensylvania 43.2
25 Flag of Kyrovistan.jpg Kyrovistan 43.2
26 Comboria.png Comboria 27
27 IMG 20210324 162633.jpg Gotthenburg 27
28 National flag of Damora.jpg Damora
29 Eberia.png Republic of Eberia
30 Karniarutheniaflag.png Karnia-Ruthenia
31 Republic of Iberis.jpeg Republic of Iberis