Principality of Eyrice

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Principality of Eyrice
Flag of Eyrice.png
Coat of Arms of Eyrice.png
Coat of arms

The end of the fight for peace
God Save the Emperor
Location of Eyrice (Green) within Europe (Grey).png
Eyrice (green) within Europe. Click to expand.
Capital city Eyrice (city-state)
Official language(s) English (de facto)
Demonym Eyrician
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
- Monarch Reuben I
- Senior Counsel vacant
Legislature States of Eyrice
Established 11 September 2016
Area claimed 30 sq km (12 sq mi)
Population TBD
Currency Dinora (Di)
Time zone Eyrician Standard Time (UTC+0.16)
National animal Wren


Eyrice, officially the Principality of Eyrice, is a sovereign state and recognized micronation located south of the United Kingdom, on the island internationally recognized as Hayling Island, in the English county of Hampshire. It is a constitutional monarchy with the rank of Principality, headed by the Prince of Eyrice.

Eyrice declared independence from the United Kingdom on 11 September 2016 after frustration over continuous political and social corruption and immoral conduct. A public consultation on the form of government to be adopted saw the split between a republic and a monarchy being even, so the founder casted the deciding vote and adopted a monarchical form of government, appointing himself as Prince Reuben I. Following the formal declaration of independence, a citizenship was established which could be applied for by any person of any previous nationality. These people, if they chose, could stand for election for the States of Eyrice and decide for the future of Eyrice.

Eyrice has called itself an "international city", supporting internationalism and increased international cooperation and diplomacy. Eyrice maintains diplomatic relations with several different nations and has established itself as a neutral state, with an independent and non-partisan foreign policy which favours the rights of citizens and the international citizenry over political ambition.