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Republic of Exolvista
ExolvistaFlag.jpeg FlagExolvistaCOA.png
Coat of Arms

“From each according to his ability to each according to his need”
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Capital cityExolvista City
Largest cityExolvista City
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Norse Paganism
GovernmentSocial Democracy
EstablishedJuly 6, 2019
Area claimed4 acres
Time zoneEST
National sportSoccer
National animalThe Cougar

Exolvista more commonly known as the Republic of Exolvista, is a self-declared micronation with President and Social-Government at its head. Composed of one city, Exolvista is mainly located in Maine. The nation was founded on 6 July 2019. It has a surface area of 4 acres and a population of 4 full citizens


Exolvista was founded in 2019 on July 6, by Shiloh Runquist, Exolvista is a small City State residing in St George Maine, it was founded on its accountable lumber, and textile (Cloths specifically) industry. Currently they have no real military but a one man militia, there only form of defense comes in the form of a navy and fortified beach’s making it almost impossible to naval invade. Exolvista is currently not at war and is at peace but plans on expanding into the near by beach areas.


Exolvista is essentially a Collectivist system with a state. It is a City State based on the ethos and qualities of direct democracy, classlessness, equality, Collectivism, communal ownership of the means of production and resources, etc. Exolvista started off as a socialist state in Searsport Maine that based itself on a single-party state with electable ministers. As it developed through multiple democratic reforms and advancements, Exolvista has developed into a Leftist multi-party State . Multiple parties exist within Exolvista such as the Communist Party of Exolvista (CPE), the Collectivist Libertarian(Current Government) (CL), and the Party of Workers (PoW). Every two (2) months, elections are held to elect minister heads for each of the five ministries: the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MoIA), the Ministery of External Affairs (MoEA), the Ministry of Security (MoS), the Ministry of Production (MoP), and the Ministry of Development (MoD). Every member is free to join any ministry that he desires and participate in its internal workings. A member need not be a ministry head to take part in ministry-related issues. All ministry heads are directly recallable by vote and cannot by any means hold any power against the will of the players. Previous instances of power abuse have attempted to form but were quickly ceased through a direct recall of the ministry head in question and replaced with an elected member. Economically, Exolvista is based on a gift economy. A Communal System exists whereby the motto "From each according to his ability; to each according to his need" is applied. Residents give what they can form there into the storage (Money, recourses etc.) and in turn can withdraw anything they need. It is a reciprocal gift economy; a state-wide storage. Such a system has proven to be very effective and has allowed us to achieve a post-abundant economy/society. Exolvista is against the very idea of rooted individuals who can hold society at its throat and threaten it through the abuse of power. We do not agree with the abuse of power by Monopolies and Politics by ministry heads or party members, by one member against another. Exolvista is constructed in such a manner that it does not allow the creation of an illegitimate position of power whereby one individual can abuse another or rule another. Ministry heads only exist as a form of organizational power and nothing more. They do not receive any special privileges whatsoever except a title and responsibility which are determined by the population.


The Exolvista Treasury currently only recognizes the USD as the national currency due the lack of a worthy substitute.