Executive Branch of the Democratic Republic of Tūrnia

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The Executive Branch of the Democratic Republic of Tūrnia is a collective term used to describe the executive rule-making power of the President and Executive Offices of the Democratic Republic of Tūrnia. The Executive Branch was created and described by Article II of the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Tūrnia.



The President serves as the diplomatic head of state. They have the power to engage in diplomatic relations with other countries, and sign treaties, although those must be ratified by the Senate. The President also has the power to pardon anyone from any crime, except themselves and anyone they may have conspired with. Additionally, the President appoints Executive Officers, but they must be confirmed by the Senate. Lastly, The President can convene the Senate on a day it does not ordinarily meet, and if a piece of legislation passes the Senate without a two-thirds majority, the President may either approve or deny it.


As it is currently before the first elections, there is no President.

Executive Offices

Executive Offices each have a specific industry specialty. They serve as rule-making bodies for their respective industries. They are created by Acts of the Senate, but the Executive Officers, who are each in charge of their own Executive Office, are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.