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The Moon-Blessed Estuarian Empire

Lunnurinuar dẽ Ẽstuariȷa

Vznešená Estárijská Říše
Kha'jaygzonithim Asturi Ri'renad.svg
Kha'jaygzonithim Asturi Ri'renad

Flag of Estuaria.svg
Coat of arms of Estuaria.svg
Coat of arms

"Zem Lunniȷ Fenul"
"Vasa Lunn'aqir"

"As Leaves Fall" by Peter Crowley
Capital cityTenurra
Official language(s)• Cultural: Estuarian and Ta'agra
• Administrative: Czech
Official religion(s)Raevism
Governmentconfederal absolute monarchy
- RineFlorin I
CurrencyCzech crown (Kč; CZK)
• Estuarian saidar (Σ; EAS)
Time zoneGMT+1
National sportice hockey
National animalfox and fennec

Estuaria (Estuarian: Ẽstuariȷa; Estuarian Ta'agra: Astura) is the cultural project that positions itself as a partially sovereign nation that can declare its territorial claims at any autonomously controlled territory within Czech and Slovak borders with possible expansion to the nearest countries. The attributes of this entity put it in the category of micronation or, at this moment, even the virtual country.


The project of Estuaria has started in April 2020.


Estuarian Empire is de-facto an autocratic confederacy with definition and principles of its structure being explained in a blurred way. The level of its unities' basic autonomy and activity boundaries are yet to be defined more specifically, but until that happens, the basic explanation of Estuarian politic and administrative complex states that the Empire can consist of entities with different level of autonomy, from the directly subjected provinces and up to the almost completely independent micronations using Estuaria as a cultural supporter, political ally, or umbrella for their activities and contacts with Czech civil society.

An advantageous climate for the autonomous existence of any allied and trusted entity within Estuarian borders comes at a price of democracy absence. So-called "Rine", factually emperor, holds all the national power, is considered a main representative of the country, its culture, religion and besides that is responsible for the sustentation of order and peace within the borders of Estuaria.

The capital of Estuaria is the so-called "Moon-Blessed Capital Province of Peaceful Nights", more known as a "Tenurra". Tenurra itself is considered an autonomous territory and nation within a nation.


Estuarian official currency is "Saidar" that hasn't the subunit but instead is supposed to consist of coins made of silver only. The price of one saidar towards another currencies depends on how much the production of one coin costs at certain period of time (which means that saidar's exchange rate is bound to the one of silver).

But taking in account the difficulty with emission of saidar and operations with this currency, the state uses all the possible currencies that are available to be easily converted and exchanged, and puts Euro as the universal solid currency. Besides that the Czech Crown is being even more universal and used more for lesser everyday operations.


The country is supposed to have a relatively developed vehicle base and a big group of transportation enthusiasts covering ground, water and air.


Hypothetical Estuarian national railways are covered by enthusiasts department united in the state facility of "Estuarian Railways" and its passenger-oriented affiliate "FoxRail". It has a slightly different system of passenger classes, own rolling stock classification and accepts 1435 and 760 millimetres as the basic operational gauges.



Officially the cult that presents Estuaria is former Verd'landian Verdism (now mostly called Raevism in Estuarian way). Both flag and coat of arms of the nation are directly referring to the elements of this religion. The whole Estuaria is de-facto a secular state allowing to accept any religion or cult at subnational territory in case if those would not present a threat to safety and health to their members and surrounding society.

National holidays

Date Name Name in Estuarian Name in Czech Name in Ta'agra Notes
1 March Spring's Coming Dorisuar Lirgilor Příchod jara Projley'kudna Raevist New Year
8 May Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation Zivgarȷ dẽ Atminuar und Slorgaruar Den paměti a smíření Pal di Anpana an Santithna
31 December – 1 January New Year Neviȷ Arstum Nový rok Ifashivat