Esther, Empress of Eania

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Her Eminence
Empress Esther I of Eania
Official portrait pending
2nd Monarch of Eania
Assumed office
October 28, 2010
Grand Vizier Comrade Worthington
Predecessor King Ethan of Eania
Successor Incumbent
2nd Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Eania
In office
July 22, 2010 - October 28, 2010
Monarch King Ethan of Eania
Predecessor Comrade Worthington
Successor Office disbanded
Personal information
Citizenship Eanian
Nationality American
Religion Judaism

Empress Esther is the current monarch of the Empire of Eania. She was formerly the second to hold the office of Prime Minister of Eania, succeeding Comrade Worthington, a founder of the micronation, after his 2010 resignation.

On 7 September 2010, Esther accused King Ethan, then ruler of Eania, of high treason. A month later, on 28 October, he was tried by the short-lived Eanian High Council and deemed guilty. After a brief debate, it was decided that Esther would succeed him as Empress.