Ernestian Civil Dispute

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In April of 2020, the discord server of the Republic of Ernest was raided. The president of Ernest had allegedly given the raiders administrator permissions. He then claimed to be the sole leader of Ernest. The Grand Duke is recognised as the only leader. In May of 2020, there were attempts to quell his impersonation, but this amounted to nowhere. A court ruling from the Grand Micronation Alliance allowed the Rebel Republic of Ernest to keep its name and the Republic to change it's name. However, the Grand Duke Sertor repeatedly protested against it and eventually it was put to a vote. The results came out as the Republic to keep its name. The Rebel Republic kept it's name however and is adamant on keeping it. There has been threats of war between the Elba Empire and the Rebel Faction after they got removed from the GMA. John Doe was put on trial for raiding friendly servers and assisting attacks. He was given bail and orders to not return to Ernest. A peace treaty was signed ending both the Civil War and Civil Dispute.