Erklrab City

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Erklrab City
Èrklrab Patev
—  Municipal City  —

Country Huro-Atlantica
State Regrabetpar
Municipal County Erklrab
Incorporated into Asermia July 14th 2011
Founder George Mercer Brooke and James Gadsden
Named for Unknown
 - Mayor Empty
Population (2011)
 - Total 346,037
 - Rank 1
Demonym Èrklàrbek
Time zone EST (UTC-4)
 - Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-5)
LB 021-0
GPR 210.xxxx

Erklrab City /ˈərkəlræb/ (Rakwiktrab: Èrklrab Patev) is a city in the Huro-Atlantic state of Regrabetpar. It serves as the municipal seat for the Erklrab Municipality and is located on the west coast of Jagsitüòr, on Èrklàr Òrv near the Kwataprab Yezgaj. The population of Èrklrab in 2011 was 346,037. Erklrab City served as the State Capital for the State of Desag until the state was incorporated into the State of Regrabetpar in May 2014.

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