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Spoken inBlueSkies
Total speakersUnknown

Englix is one of the BlueSkies' official languages. However, it does not contain enough differences to be considered a separate language to English, or even a separate dialect or pidgin. It can thus be explained as a Sociolect or Idiolect.

Phonetics & phonology

Many postalveolar sounds are replaced by an /x/ sound in certain cases.


  • "President" to "Prexident"

Rule: Every /s/ after and also before a vowel changes to an /x/ and is pronounced /s/

  • "English" to "Englix"

Rule: Every /ʃ/ changes to /x/ and pronounced /ks/.

  • "Church" to "xurx"

Rule: Every ch changes to /x/ and pronounced /ʃ/.

  • The lexeme "Imaginaxon" is pronounced /ɪmæʒɪneɪʃɪn/.
  • The suffix /-tion/ in the lexeme "Explanaxon" is pronounced /tʃ/.



  • "Imagination" to "Imaginaxon"

Rule: Every /-tion/ suffix changes to the /-xon/ suffix.

  • "Explanation" to "Explanaxon"

Rule:Every /-ge/ suffix changes to x pronounced /tʃ/.

Example sentences


I am the President of BlueSkies.This is an explanation.This is a page.I go to church on Sunday.This is written in English.


I am the Prexident of BlueSkies.This is an explanaxon.This is a pax.I go to xurx on Sunday.This is written in Englix.