Endhe Invilatopotat

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Endhe Invilatopotat
Prime Minister of the Neutfere People's Republic
In office
05 June, 2018 - 03 August, 2018
Predecessor Lazen Valenat
Successor last Prime Minister
State-Controller of Stono, Neutnacia
Assumed office
03 August, 2018
Predecessor first State-controller
Personal information
Born secret
Birth name secret
Citizenship Neutfere, Hungarian
Nationality Neutfere, Hungarian
Political party Neut Neutnacia
Religion Gubist, Catholic

Endhe Invilatopotat is the State-controller of the state of Stono in the Fascist State Union of Neutnacia.


We don't know a lot about his childhood and personal life, because in the communist times it was an official secret, and after the system-change he doesn't allowed to share them, too. On 4 June, Neutnacia was founded, and the communist government has annexed the city of Stonocerb on that day with the help of him. Thanks to it, Lazen Valenat made him the president of the Neutfere Communist Party. On 5 June, the NCP won the elections against the Democnacia in 95%, and in the new government Endhe Envilatopotat became Prime Minister. In the Civil War, he relinquished, and he was the first who left the NCP before the last dissolution. After Neutnacia reunited, the new government allowed him to join a party and stay in politics, not as Lazen Valenat. On 2 August 2018, he founded a fascist Neutfere political party, the Neut Neutnacia (New Neutnacia). On 3 August, they won the elections in 75% against the Democnacia and the weakened NCP. From the party, he was elected to govern the state of Stono, based on the new political system.


2018. 06. 18. Liter-award (for doing anything good for the homeland)