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"The Bucket City"
Country Brotherhood of the United Blocks
EstablishedDecember 2022
Founded byAndrei of Enada, Radu of Enada, Moon Soul
 • PalatineHori
 • Total9
Time zoneUTC+2
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3

Enada is a town located in the Brotherhood of the United Blocks. Enada is known for its beautiful lake, which has been a great landmark for the town, as well as being the location of the lost city of Găletida.


Enada has a rich history, and has faced many challenges over the years. The town was frequently attacked by zaganian raiders, but was always defended by the brave men and women of the combined forces of the Brotherhood of the United Blocks and Nucilandia.

In early 2023, Enada was abandoned, but was later revitalized by Mibu and Hori. They nationalised all the resources of the city and discovered a large number of buckets spread across many containers in some of the properties. Radu and Bianca were later canonized as the Bucket Saints within the Ciupitist religion, and Enada's Monastery was converted from Christianity to Ciupitism.

On April 14, 2023, Andrei proclaimed himself the Duke of Enada and requested the Queen to officially acknowledge his title.

The Zaganian Wars

Nucilandian Battlecats, praising the Sun after successfully defending the town of Enada in a battle against the Zaganians, 19 April 2023

Enada was repeatedly raided by the Zaganians in the beginning of 2023, in a series of battles later became known as The Zaganian Wars, which reached climax during the month of April.

The invaders usually came straight to the lake, often storming Radu's lake house (the bucket shop). Although the individual raids ended in Enadian victory, it seemed as if the fighting would never end, and the impact on the town's people and infrastructure quickly became noticeable. During one of their raids, the zaganians stole Radu's flying house (the bucket transporter) and towed it back to their closest encampment.

The town was successfully defended by the local inhabitants and by aid from allied Nucilandia, with Mibu and Hori taking part in most battles. Other notable heroes include Denisse of Enada, who also discovered the location of the zaganian encampment, and Cosmin of Enada.

The Bucket Saints and Ciupitu himself played a critical role in the defence of the city, with the saints unleashing holy water upon the invaders from one of their greatest buckets, and Ciupitu smiting them with a mighty pinch afterwards, during a great raid that ended in such an overwhelming defeat for the zaganians, that they put an end to the continuous raiding, and rarely caused trouble since.

The last battle of the Zaganian Wars was documented by the Palatine of Enada on 25 April 2023, in a book called "The Zaganian Wars", marking the official end of the war.

10 April revolt

10 April revolt
Date10 April 2023
Enada, Brotherhood of the United Blocks FBU
Caused by
  • the lake canalization project;
  • the Local Public Warehouse.
  • demonstrations;
  • civil disobedience.
Resulted in
  • the warehouse will be on a registration basis;
  • the canalization of the lake will take place;
  • no longer mandatory approval for constructions.
Parties to the civil conflict
Lead figures
Mibu (PM)
Hori (Palatine)

The revolt was carried out by Andrei of Enada, Denisse, and Moon Soul, who are known as the "April Tenthists". Their revolt was directed towards the President of the Cabinet of Ministers, Mibu, and the Palatine of Enada, Hori, even demanding their resignation from public office. Their demands included the return of nationalized items, the abolition of the Local Public Warehouse, and the elimination of state authorization for constructions.

It all started with the fact that the Enada Lake drainage project affected the plots of the aforementioned players. Although the state had reduced the size of the lake and created ample space for the promenade, the players were dissatisfied. Moreover, they also contested the idea of the Local Public Warehouse and the nationalization that had taken place.

Mibu considered the demands scandalous and refused to resign from office. Instead, he published a letter titled "Response to the Protesters in Enada", expressing his point of view, which further angered the protesters. Subsequently, he met with the leaders of the revolt, and through discussions, they reached a compromise that involved improved communication regarding major projects in the city, the Local Public Warehouse being based on registration, and no longer mandatory approval for constructions.


The town of Enada, according to the laws of the Brotherhood of the United Blocks, has no legislative autonomy and is subject to the central authority of Shueta and the Cabinet of Ministers. With the aim of mini decentralization of the state there is the position of Palatine who is considered the public administrator/governor of the city and he is the representative of the state in the territory, being appointed in a discretionary manner by the Sovereign of the Brotherhood of the United Blocks and being subordinate to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Palatines of Enada

Palatines of Enada
No Name Termn
1 Andrei December 2022 - March 2023
2 Hori 24 March 2023 - present


Enada is located near a beautiful lake, and Hori owns an artificial island in the northern part of the lake, where he built a castle. The island sits opposite to Mibu's Monastery.


Enada has a diverse culture, with influences from Christianity and Ciupitism. The town has a rich history of defending itself against zaganian invaders, which has instilled a strong sense of community and resilience among its residents.

Notable people