Empress Toyo

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Wakoku Federation First generation Emperor of Sun
name Toyo
come-from Japan Miyazaki or Yamatai country Toyotama
birth 1938
demise 2001
Founding dynasty and imperial family Hougyoku dynasty

Toyo is the first Emperor of Sun of Wakoku federation.


1960s Yamatai country Declaration of revival.

Self-proclaimed the title of "emperor of Wakoku" and declares the nationalization of Kitakyushu.

1994 The number of supporters increases rapidly.

Enthronement to the Emperor of Sun

emperor of wakoku

「Kings of WaKings of Wa

September 13, 1997 She became the first to become the Emperor of  Sun with the above meaning.

Child and spouse

She says she has a fourth daughter with "Asaka".

Empress Katako

Post-mortem effects

After her death, it became a period of power struggle in which various princes were in a rush, and First Government (Wakoku) triggered a Wakoku Succession War in each region, including repeated large-scale civil wars. ..