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The Empire of Solid Gold was a Micronation under the rule of Emperor Drew l. Unlike some Micronations, The Empire has a physical location. It occupies part of a property in Glenisla, Scotland. It also occupies 3 islands in Cedar Swamp Pond Connecticut, USA; Crown Island, Imperial Island & Origin Isle, the names given by The Emperor to three rocky outcrops on the lake. It also occupies two territories previously belonging to the Communist Draco Republic. These are: Pegausus B and New Meso. An Island in the river Isla, Scotland, is also administered by the Empire, named F-topia.

Empire of Solid Gold

July 2010 — Sept. 2010


"Doing it for the Lulz"
May Your Reign Ever Last
Scotland & North America
Capital cityPh'Ahrpuu'xxtpllsprngg
Largest cityImperial Island
Official language(s)English, German (official.) Klingonian (unofficial.)
Official religion(s)Atheist
EstablishedJuly 14, 2010 (Disestablished 3 September 2010)
CurrencyDrew Bucks (DB)
Time zoneUTC & UTC-5
National drinkIrn Bru with Chang.
National animalHagfish


The Empire began in the mind of Emperor Drew l, who had always been intersted in politics and world history, and was a bit of a "control freak." Starting out as a nation named "Microbrittania," theoretically occupying all of the Glenisla property mentioned above, with himsef as President, then King, then Grand Khan. Finding out about the Micronational movement through a Youtube video, which can be seen here, Drew decided to form a nation that would have a physical location, taking the name "Solid Gold" from the name of the Chinese Imperial Anthem, "Gong Jin'ou," translated as "Cup of Solid Gold." The Empire was officially established on 14 July 2010. Emperor Drew, then still Crown Prince, was in the middle of a kayak voyage on Cedar Swamp Pond, while on vacation in the USA, when he sighted the small rocky island that would eventually be called Crown Island. Although the island was sighted The Emperor did not actually land on Crown Island, but instead continued on to Origin Isle. This The Emperor did land on, and it became the first possesion of the Empire. Hence "Origin Isle." The same day, Emperor Drew went on to claim Imperial Island, the largest of the Emperor's American Possesions. Later, Emperor Drew went to land on Crown Island. There, he placed an official document often called The Empire's Birth Certificate. An extract is presented below.

"By the Authority of My Position as Crown Prince of the Provisional Imperial Government and Commander'-in-Chief of the Imperial Army, I hereby claim the following islands for the Greater Glory of The Empire of Solid Gold;

The Scottish Realm

  • Crown Island (This Point.)
  • Origin Isle (4.5 degrees S.E of Crown Island.)
  • Imperial Island (5 degrees S.E of Crown Island.)"

Later that month The Crown Prince became "Dear Leader in Perpetuity Emperor Drew l." after claiming a portion of the family property to be under direct control of the Emperor.

History of the Islands

The Connecticut region, including the area around Cedar Swamp Pond, was inhabited by the Mohegan tribe prior to European colonization. The first European explorer in Connecticut was the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block. This eventually became the state of Connecticut. In 2010 AD, The Emperor, who had relatives living on the banks of the Lake, claimed the islands.

Recent History

Recently after its foundation The Empire became increasingly involved in Intermicronational affairs. It recognised, and was recognised by several other Micronations. These included The Republic of Molossia, The Kingdom of Starland, The Dictatorship of Dorzhabad, The Draco Republic, Danesland and the DRCI. The Imperial Government is activley engaged in diplomatic relations with The Draco Republic and The DRCI. Relations with Danesland look set to begin.

The Draco-Cliff War

Although The Empire of Solid Gold was not actively engaged in the conflict it was the first real test of leadership for a fledgeling government. As The Empire was allies with both the warring powers of the Draco Republic and DRCI, it had to play the role of mediator with The Emperor offering to act as a neutral third party. However the offer was ignored and The Emperor resorted to a desperate plea for peace in his first Intermicronational address, the video can be seen here. Still the conflict raged on. At its darkest hour, The Empire was about to release it's fresh-faced, yet large and well equipped army to conquer both the DRCI and Draco Republic, even in the face of dissent and anti-war protests at home. Yet, in a great turn of fortune the warring nations agreed to end the fighting and write up a peace treaty. The Imperial Army was ordered to stand down and the

The Dugrugistani Flag.

situation was saved.


On 18 August 2010, a new possesion was added to The Empire's Scottish Realm; The Semi-Autonomous Worker's Republic of Dugrugistan. The Worker's Republic is a semi-autonomous Communist nation situated in The Emperor's back garden in Edinburgh, composed of a buddleia bush. The nation is under the control of The Emperor, but is able to settle its own internal affairs, both civilian and military. It also has control of its own economic policy. The members of The Dugrugistani People's Assembly are chosen by The Emperor from the Nobility.

Agricultural Reform

On 30 August 2010 The Emperor proposed that the small, privately-owned farms that made up most of The Empire's agriculture should reorganize in large collectivized units, similar to the process in Stalinist Russia, in order to increase productivity.

The Re-Naming of Planktopolis

The same day as proposing agricultural reform, The Emperor changed the name of the capital city, Planktopolis, to;

Ph' Arpuu' xxtpllsprngg.

The E.L.S.I.

On the 5th of September 2010 The Emperor launched the "Empirean Logic and Science Initiative." This radical move is designed to further the education of young Empireans and launch the construction of new schools and laboratories. It also launched The Imperial Space Program. However, most controversially, it outlawed the Imperial Church, stating; "LOGIC will be the pillar of our society."

New territories in the American Possessions

Due to the collapse of the Communist Draco Republic on September 27, 2010, The Empire was granted two territories formerly belonging to that nation. These were Pegausus B and New Meso. They have been renamed Airstrip 89 W, and Arctic Front Three respectively.


After slightly less that two months, the Empire itself collapsed. Reports on the event are unclear, but it is known for certain that the Emperor retired from public life, while his country quietly folded. However in July 2012, the Tyrantate of Solid Gold was formed by the former Emperor.

The Imperial Government

The Imperial Government is embodied by a single person. That is The Emperor. The Emperor, according to Imperial law, has complete and utter control over the people in this autocratic regime. Propped up by the priesthood, army and nobility, he, smilar to the system in Imperial Japan, is seen as semi-divine by his subjects. The Empire's laws are given in the form of decrees from The Black Throne. This, in the eyes of many, leads to despotism. This The Emperor denies.

"All this talk of oppresion and evil is absolute nonsense. Yes, I am in total control of the running of the country, but I always try to make the best choices for my people. I am purely a benevolent dictator. People who have concerns may come to my court with petitions and voice their own opinions, thoughts,and feelings from their own hearts and minds. Those who disagree with me are punished accordingly."


The Empire's laws are set down in the "Grand Charter of The Empire of Solid Gold." Written shortly after the "Empire's birth Certificate," this document contains the set of rules by which this nation is governed:

Decree l:

The Emperor is the Supreme Ruler of The Empire, there are none higher than Him, He is the father of the nation and as such should be treated as a Father, with his children being ever loyal to Him.

Decree ll:

All the subjects of The Emperor shall be ever diligent and steady workers, for the purpose of advancing the country. Hard work and innovation is to be rewarded by The Emperor with improvements to the hard worker's life and higher pay etc.

Decree lll:

The subjects of The Emperor are entitled to different religious beliefs. All races and creeds are to be accepted by The Empire, all genders are to be treated equally, all people of different sexual orientations are to be treated equally.

Decree lV:

All different religious believers are expected to be loyal to The Emperor. All races and creeds are expected to be loyal to The Emperor, all genders are expected to be loyal to The Emperor, all people of different sexual orientations are expected to be loyal to The Emperor.

Decree V:

The right to strike is permitted but only if the worker's anger is not directed at The Emperor Himself.

Decree Vl:

Drugs such as, heroin, ecstasy, and other Class A drugs are not permitted. The Subjects of The Emperor are permitted to smoke tobacco and cannabis as long as a cigarette is not used, rather pipes, cigars, or hookahs are to be used, keeping an air of sophistication throughout the country.

Decree Vll:

Alchohol consumption is readily permitted. However, only fine ale, wine and spirits are to be consumed, again, keeping an air of national sophistication. Also, the alchohol will be too expensive to be get into the hands of stupid people.

Decree Vlll:

Vegetarianism is permitted, but Veganism is wholly, and completely forbidden under any circumstances.

Decree lX:

The subjects of The Emperor are not expected to be "preachy" in such a way that it annoys The Emperor. eg. people who whine are not people.

Decree X:

If a certain action, word or event is considered "lulzy" it is beyond any moral or legal repercussions.

Decree Xl:

The Emperor, and only The Emperor, has the right to overturn these laws.

Government Departments

  • The Imperial Family-The rulers of The Empire, with The Emperor at their head.
  • The Advisors-One rung below The Emperor, made up of his closest friends.
  • The Nobility-A prop on which the autocracy rests. Carries out the commands of The Emperor and Advisors.
  • The Church-The priesthood of the Lamaists and Shintoists, teach the populace about the "divine right" of The Emperor to rule. (now abolished.)
  • The Army-Used to supress dissent and defend The Empire.
  • The Committees-In charge of farming and food distribution, urban planning, domestic order etc. takes orders from the Nobility.

The Remaining 75% of the population have no influence on the government short of writing a petition to The Emperor.


The Culture of The Empire is a blend of Emperor worship, traditional Scottish culture, and Lamaism/Shinto. This creates a dizzying mix of ideas, with Tartan Monks and Samurai playing bagpipes on street corners under the shadow of statues of The Emperor. However, with the launch of the E.L.S.I. the religious elements of The Empire are being phased out.


February 3- Screaming Contest Day

July 14- Foundation Day

July 18- The Emperor's Birthday

November 7- National Slap a Baby Day

December 25- Christmas


The national sport is simply called Happyball. It consists of two teams of eight on a pitch with the same dimensions and design as a Football pitch, with a goal at each end. The object of the game is to get the ball (about the size of a football) into the opposing team's goal - by any means possible. Players are permitted to bring weapons onto the pitch (in the case of firearms, the ammunition is rationed in order to make the game last longer.) The winner is the team who scores the most goals in 20 minutes, or who hasn't been wiped out. There have been deaths in every game, along with disfigurement, both temporary and permanent, insanity and Sexually Transmitted Disesases. The recent World Cup, according to some records, has claimed more lives than Tuberculosis.


The Imperial Palace, the rolling hills of Ph' Arhpuu'xxtpllsprngg.

National Anthem

May Your Reign Ever Last

May Your reign ever last,

Until the sky falls,

And the Great Throne turns to ash,

May Your reign live on,

Always, in our hearts and minds.

May The Empire ever expand,

And our banners fly proud above shining land,

May there always be,

Glory in Solid Gold.

May our Ancestors be honoured,

May The Emperor have the final word,

May our Soldiers march on,

And our Ancestors be honoured.


A video of this anthem can be seen here.


1 Drew Buck=£2.50=US$1.50


The Imperial Army is one of the most fine-tuned and well-oiled organizations in the country. The pet project of Emperor Drew l, it numbers a fairly impressive two men (including reserves.) The army boasts the highest standard in air rifles, ranging from .177 calibre to .22 calibre. The army also professes a high standard in its hand-to-hand weapons. The Empire, as a nation, is extremley militaristic. The traditional war cry of "Hawoo!" can be heard throughout The Empire, over public loudspeakers and on military training grounds.


The highest award that any Imperial Soldier can be awarded for bravery or actions above and beyond the call of duty is the Stone Cross, awarded by The Emperor himself.

Ground Forces

1st Army

2nd Army


1 Battle Cruiser, "Remote Controlled Toy" class.

An Imperial Soldier


1 Peugeot 306 with light plating.

Air Force

None at present, however the Imperial Army does have an advanced Satellite Targeting System, code-named "Google Maps."


2 Single-Shot air-rifles (.177 & .22)

1 Bolt-Action air-rifle (.177)

Assorted Bayonets, Machetes and Scimatars.

Molotov Cocktails & Fireworks

Empirean Heraldry

See Symbols.