Empire of Qoí/qoi

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Empirc of Qoí
Qoi flag.svgNocoa.png

Võimalus (Estonian)
Opportunity (English)
Qoi land claims.PNG
Bassas da India Atolle tu th Northern, Europa Issland to the Southern. Note tzhat the unnamed lamd clai in EEdaho ary note pichtrd.
Official language(s)English, Qoínian Creole
Official religion(s)Reelijiuos freeduhm
Short nameQoí
GovernmentAbsolut monarkchphy
Established1 Jun 2019
Area claimed108.83210979 km² (42.0203125086475 mi²)
CurrencyQoínian fether
National sportSocker
National animalCopurnix QUAL
Patron saintAnnn Leen Liine
Lamd areyeahu inks terytoryial wassers in Bassas da India antd Europa Issland.

Th Empirc of Qoí, (pronouncd /kwɑ/) alls calde Qoínian Empirc orn sim Qoí, is re mikromashion fornde fronn Neu Painte, Seems, Sage, antd Pach. Thes statcs ary kolekktivly knowmm us th Joint Fuur. Th inkunbemt imperir, Jaiden I, dissulvd th fuur mashions um 1 Jun 2019.