Empire of New Antrim

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Empire of New Antrim
Miller-O'Neill tricolour.pngENA COA.png

Et factum est imperator Imperii vivat
Capital cityNeilston
Largest cityNeilston
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular State
DemonymNew Antrian
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- Emperor of New AntrimEoin I, Emperor of New Antrim
- PremierChris Miller
LegislatureImperial Revolutionary Council
Established31st June 2019
CurrencyPound Sterling (£)
Time zoneUTC +0
Patron saintSt. Patrick

The Empire of New Antrim, more commonly known as New Antrim, is a micronation in Northern Ireland

New Antrim's Monarch is Emperor Eoin I, a new Micronationalist and New Antrim is his first micronation

New Antrim aims to be an active player in all Micronational Affairs it already has started Foreign Relations on Reddit and on the LIN


New Antrim is named after the county of Antrim which the Empire is entirely surrounded by.

The Former Molossian Protectorate of New Antrim has no relation to the Empire and the Emperor only found out about the Protectorate after the Empire was founded/

Politics and government

The Empire works under a Constitutional Monarchy under Emperor Eoin I as it's Monarch and an Imperial Revolutionary Council exercising all other powers

Foreign relations

The Empire of New Antrim is an active player in the r/micronations subreddit, New Antrim is also a signature to the Arundel Convention and a Moderating Chairman on the LIN,

Geography and climate

New Antrim is a very cold country with some spikes of warmth in the summer, rain is very common.


Imports to New Antrim are entirely done via the New Antrim Import Company, no exports exist... yet but it is extremely likely that an Export Company will be founded by the end of 2020.